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what would you do?

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Mrschn0804 Thu 30-Jun-16 15:29:43

Ladies I'm hoping you can help with a dilemma.
Basically, we had the most awful birth experience with DS1, and vowed to go to a different hospital should we have another.
I was pregnant with number 2 but had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks. Because we'd asked to register for maternity care at a different hospital, booking scans/ booking bloods etc was more complicated. (and/or the second hospital was also useless!). Which meant when I miscarried we had still not had any booking bloods taken, or even had a 12 week scan date through.
Now I'm 8 weeks pg and have a midwife appt on Monday where I need to decide which hospital to go to. I so dont want to give birth where I had DS1, but given my history of 2 miscarriages, do want decent antenatal care, and scans on time etc! If I go to the original hospital midwife can book me in for a scan at the time of my booking appointment and take the bloods there and then.

What would you do?

Dlah Thu 30-Jun-16 16:04:14

I'd say go for the first hospital if it's easier in general. Whilst you haven't elaborated on why the original labour was so bad - that doesn't mean it'll happen again.

Chances are different staff, different time, different result and hopefully you'll have a more positive experience

Good luck smile

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