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hCG levels at combined screening...

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Admarks Tue 28-Jun-16 19:50:05

I got my combined screening results back today and I'm in the 'low risk' range for downs coming up at 1 in 580. Clearly this is good news, but as this is two orders of magnitude below my risk for the other two trisomys it seems to be a comparatively higher risk (although I appreciate when in percentages the risk is still tiny).

I am still concerned by my hCG level.Full breakdown:
Nuchal- 1.17 MoM
hCG - 2.45 MoM (88.5ng/mL)
PAPP-A - 1.01 MoM

I will be 35 at term.

Does anyone know why high hCG levels increases the risk of DS? I think I will accept it a bit more as low risk if I understand what what this means and how it the risk rating is calculated. Is there anyone who can help?

Thank you!!

AveEldon Tue 28-Jun-16 19:54:12 this might be useful

Rachyabbadabbadoo Thu 11-Aug-16 12:52:50

This might be too late for you now, but just spotted your post. My HCG was very high - over 4 from what I remember (5 years ago now). I'd suffered pretty awful morning sickness and the midwife said that high HCG can cause this. My DS risk was 1-75, so high risk (particularly as I was 39 at the time). I was in pieces - terrified, and convinced something was badly wrong. Anyway, subsequent tests revealed all was absolutely fine, and my baby daughter was healthy when born. I hope your worries have been put aside, perhaps either by reading or further tests. x

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