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what the hell do I need?

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Seekingmiracles Tue 28-Jun-16 10:14:42

Looking at sorting out the nursery soon for incoming baby. I'm so confused by the blankets/sheets etc! What do I need?
Starting from the mattress up? What actually covers the baby?? No bumper? Help

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Tue 28-Jun-16 10:22:27

For a cot, you want a new mattress, waterproof mattress protector, sheet. Then you can either cover the baby with a cellular blanket (or two if it's cold) or pop them in a grobag when they reach the required weight (about 8lbs I think). You'll want the thin 0.5/1 tog bags in warm weather and the 2.5 togs in the winter. Put the baby in feet at the bottom of the cot if tucking in with blankets.
I recommend putting a folded muslin (tucked down the side of the mattress) under the baby's head that can be quickly whipped out if they drool/are sick.
No bumpers, you are right. You can put a mobile above though if you want.

If you're doing a moses basket, top tip is not to buy expensive minature sheets - just get a few cotton pillowcases and put the mattress inside the pillowcase and tuck the corners of the case underneath the mattress.

Bluebird126 Tue 28-Jun-16 10:42:38

Ooh that's useful, making a list!

smellsofelderberries Tue 28-Jun-16 13:55:41

Another helpful thing is also to double sheet the cot mattress IE mattress protector then sheet, then another mattress protector and sheet so for middle of the night vomits you can just whip the top sheet and mattress protector and you're good to go. Hope that makes sense! I also like having a lengthways folded (large, so you can tuck it in the the sides) muslin that will go across the cot where baby's head lies, so if they're dribbly you can just change the muslin every few days instead of doing a whole bedding change. Again, I hope that makes sense.

Butterfly is right about the mini cot sheets, but they also quite often fit the carrycot mattress if you're buying a pram with a carrycot attachment.

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Tue 28-Jun-16 14:07:53

I used a pillowcase on my pram mattress too wink <tightfisted>

ElspethFlashman Tue 28-Jun-16 14:09:07

Me three. Pillowcases for the win!

ElspethFlashman Tue 28-Jun-16 14:10:09

Oh and we got jumbo muslins in Aldi which were fab as sheets too.

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