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Telling people...

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barabasiAlbert Mon 27-Jun-16 22:05:23

Assuming all is OK at the 20-week scan on Friday, we'll be telling family and friends about the pregnancy over the weekend.

Any advice on how?

It should be basically fine. Friends will be OK. DH's parents will be delighted; my parents will be negative and chippy but will put on their usual front of being the loveliest people in the world if anyone else is listening, so the trick is to not mix with them/ discuss the pregnancy at all without someone else being present. They're also very good practice for counting to three and thinking of a constructive response to an unconstructive lashing-out - so will provide great training for when the baby is an impossible toddler/ teenager... grin

HolisticMama13 Mon 27-Jun-16 22:17:52

So exciting! I'm not pregnant but wanted to say congrats! It's so fab telling people! Xxx

barabasiAlbert Mon 27-Jun-16 22:37:49

Thanks HolisticMama13 smile

What did you say to people? I'm so used to keeping quiet about this stuff (this is my 8th pregnancy - we told no-one about the previous 7) and so used to covering up any possible indicators of pregnancy/miscarriage, that I kind of don't know how to say "we're having a baby in November" a propos of nothing...

I'm still at the "looking fat but not obviously pregnant" stage, so when seeing a bunch of friends on Sunday after 5 weeks of not seeing them, it's possible none of them say anything (or notice) anyway.

We'll be emailing family (to give mine a chance to get over themselves before we have to speak to them - prior experience indicates this is necessary; DH's family are usually very busy so it's the best way to tell them & then arrange a time to phone).

HolisticMama13 Mon 27-Jun-16 22:59:04

I'm sorry this is the only pregnancy you've been able to announce. Xxx

People guessed as I was throwing up from 8 weeks grin but when we told my mum and dad she offered me something to eat that you're advised not to & I just said oh I can't...I'm pregnant. She screamed with delight lol. Dad just looked shocked. I don't know why as they knew we were trying lol.

If we're lucky enough to have no2 I'm going to put DD in something that says something like fab big sister etc and just watch people realise wink

BeardMinge Tue 28-Jun-16 11:17:06

I emailed a couple of friends directly to tell them after my 20 week scan, as I knew they might find it difficult. Then I stuck a pic of my tfl 'baby on board' badge on fb. Job done.

barabasiAlbert Sat 02-Jul-16 03:13:25

Told them, by email and sending texts "read your email".

DH's family are delighted and excited - good on them for being normal human beings!

No response from my family.

barabasiAlbert Sat 02-Jul-16 05:36:30

And after some hours - one word by email, "Congratulations." from my parents - sent after they had been phoned by DH's parents, who then phoned us, hesitantly, to check that they hadn't put their foot in it, because my parents didn't seem very pleased.

This was after DH's family had all phoned, texted, and emailed us spontaneously, with everything positive to say.

Well - we did know that to expect i guess! grin

Hopeful16 Sat 02-Jul-16 07:07:16

You know what they say about not being able to choose your family! Bless you!

I have a similar situation in which my parents call, text or "pop round" daily to check I'm ok (I'm 9w3d but had MC previously) and his parents barely manage to check if either of us are still alive!

We've had IVF and my parents supported us, cried with us at the right times and are so giddy but his are very distant and only interested in an already present grandchild.

Try to celebrate with those who are interested and hope the others change- although I'm sure you'll have enough love for your baby anyway smile

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