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where's my bump!!

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Dlah Mon 27-Jun-16 21:50:28

I'm 22+5 today! Yesterday and today I've seen 2 friends who are 5 days and another 3 weeks behind me and they both have bulging bumps!

Now admittedly I am a size 18-20 but my belly still just looks fat, even though from pictures/seeing them in person there bellies are now bigger than mine is just being fat!

Don't get why I'm not rounding out! Frustrating/jealous!

elliej83 Mon 27-Jun-16 22:56:35

I'm a size 8-10 and 23 weeks and I don't really have a bump yet either. It will come in sure. You are definitely bigger with your second if any girls you know are having a second.
I can feel the baby and everything is healthy so it will come when it wants x

lilygirl81 Mon 27-Jun-16 23:24:01

I'm 35 weeks and people still can't believe how far along I am. I put it down to my ridiculously humongous boobs, most bumps I notice stick out further than the boob line, making it an obvious bump. My bump has this week finally edged out in front.

I found adding a skinny belt just under my bust to pull in any fabric and define the top of my bump really helped when I wanted it to show.

laurenwiltxx Tue 28-Jun-16 01:02:55

Didnt go round until about 27-30 weeks size 10-12. My sisters 27 weeks size 16 still no bump really. So don't worry bunos are like people all different shapes and sizes. I'm 39-5days now and feeling MASSIVE enjoy being pregnant and being able to walk pmsl

GraceGrape Tue 28-Jun-16 01:13:24

I hardly had any bump in either of my pregnancies. Owing to some complications, I didn't let people know the 2nd time round until after the 20 week scan. Nobody had noticed!

For some reason, it used to really annoy me when people told me my bump was small. I got worried that the baby wasn't growing healthily. I found out during a scan that I have a very retroverted uterus, so I think that's why it took longer to show. FWIW, both my babies were over 9lbs at birth so it wasn't any indication of their size!

Nannawifeofbaldr Tue 28-Jun-16 01:19:30

My Mum was a size 6 when she was pregnant with my DSis. No one believed she was pregnant when she went on Mat leave. DSis was 9.5lbs.

Everyone carries differently - don't stress. grin

OliviaDawn Tue 28-Jun-16 08:31:37

I'm 16 weeks and I just feel fat!! I lost about 2 stone before I got pregnant and finally got down to a size 10, which I was so happy about. Because I didn't do too much exercise during my weight loss, I had a bit of a belly left and now I'm ridiculously happy about being pregnant and I just look like I've got a fat belly!! confused will it eventually 'pop' and look pregnant??

Annabrooke90 Tue 28-Jun-16 08:55:27

Yes not to worry; entirely normal. I've never really had a noticeable pregnant belly. This is my 5th baby, I was a size 6 prior to this baby...I'm now wearing size 8-10 at 30 weeks almost. I just look like I've gained weight, not pregnant. Family members have only just found out and was shocked I was pregnant. My babies have always been good sizes too....apart from ds1 who was on the smaller side.

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