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Retrochorial heamatoma - heavy bleeding

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LBNM19 Mon 27-Jun-16 19:23:07

I had very heavy bleeding over the weekend, with clots was scanned and the doctor said she couldn't see where the blood was coming from and everything looks fine.

Today I was due to have a CVS test and scanned by a consultant, he said he can see where the bleeding is coming from, my placenta has some marginal separation and I have a intrauterine haematoma.

I asked him what this means will I have a misscarriage. He shrugs. Ask him if the bleeding will get heavier or stop etc. He shrugs. He doesn't no.

I spoke to the midwife after as I felt I didn't understand why. She simply said I may or may not miscarry and we just have to wait and see.

I'm obviously very upset, still bleeding and feel like I'm just waiting for the worst to happen.

I'm booked in for a CVS test next Monday now instead. On top of it all we have a 1 in 4 chance of passing on a severe genetic condition (my oldest son has) we both know we are carriers of.

I wondered if any one else has had this? I've heard of a subchorionic hematoma but I dont no if this is the same?

PickleSarnie Mon 27-Jun-16 20:16:27

I think "retro" and "sub" are different words that mean the same thing.

Really sorry you're having such a crappy time of it. I had absolutely shedloads of bleeding about 11 weeks. Massive gush all over the floor. Then really heavy bleeding for a couple of days (heavier than any period I had ever had) Then I had a scan and they found a pretty mahoosivr haematoma. It measured something like 10cm x 10cm x 3cm. And that was after all that bleeding. They were fairly non plussed about it too tbh. Had a couple more scans and it was still there at my 20 week scan. But much smaller. My son was born at 39+5 healthy and totally oblivious to all the stress.

Will everything crossed for you. Step away from Google though. Google is not your friend. Xx

Highlove Mon 27-Jun-16 20:37:52

If it's the same thing as a subchorionic, I have had them in both my pregnancies. Heavy bleeding on and off for weeks first time, same this time with the addition of massive, no way can I still be pregnant-type clots. DD born absolutely fine at 40+1 and currently 34 weeks with no apparent sude effects. Both if mine were clearly visible on scans (sorry can't remember the sizes) but had disappeared by the 12 week scan.

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