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could it be implantation bleeding?

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DannielleVictoria Mon 27-Jun-16 15:57:35

Hi ladies.
My partner and I are trying to conceive and have been doing for the last 8 months, I've been keeping a close eye on changes to my cycle and tracking my ovulation days etc.
This month (June) my period made an appearance on the 6th and lasted the usual 5 days, my ovulation dates were 17th-22nd. During ovulation my partner and I had intercourse on Saturday 18th, Sunday 19th and Monday the 20th.
On Friday 24th I went to the toilet and noticed there were a small amount of light brown discharge on the tissue, so that day I used a liner but when I checked it was spotless. Saturday evening my partner and I had intercourse, afterwards I was in the bathroom cleaning up when I noticed the light brown discharge had turned to light pink with a few spots of blood on the tissue, but only when I wiped... there wasn't a 'flow'. It lasted to until Sunday evening confused
My next period is expected on the 3rd of July so only a week away... I don't want to get my hopes up but I have been reading online it's fairly common to experience implantation spotting/bleeding around a week or a few days before a expected period, which can be a confusing time!
I would really appreciate it if anyone has any advice, or has been in a similar situation? If so did you get a BFP? grin

AprilLoveJ Mon 27-Jun-16 16:48:02

Do you or have you ever had spotting inbetween periods? If not then this would be unusual for you which could point more towards implantation bleeding.

I had something similar to what you describe before I found out I was pregnant, HOWEVER, I had a history of pcos and endometriosis and would sometimes bleed between periods (was usually more of a light-medium flow though than just a slight spotting) so at the time I didn't actually think much of it yet as it was so light this leads me to believe it was implantation bleeding.

I really hope you get your bfp danielle smile

DannielleVictoria Mon 27-Jun-16 18:50:18

Yes, I experienced slight bleeding in between cycles once in my early teens but I'm now in my late 20's so it was many years ago. I have pretty normal 28 day cycles (give or take a few days) I bleed for 5-6 days then that's it until aunt flo decides to pay another visit next month.
I've read some women experience brown discharge as a warning sign that their period is on its way, however I don't get any warning signs apart from cramping probably around 4 days before I'm actually in full flow. Strangely enough I haven't had any cramping this month yet.

I'm just itching to do a test smile

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