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Help! Horrible wind!

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Wo0lly Sun 26-Jun-16 09:39:21

I'm only 7 weeks pregnant but I'm suffering so badly with trapped wind and bloating.

My tummy is massive, swollen and sore. I look about 5 months gone already!

It's really painful and tender and I can barely move for pain and feeling nauseous.

I've tried rennies, tummy massage and yoga positions but nothing is helping. Does anyone have any tips to help? It's really getting me down.

fitzbilly Sun 26-Jun-16 10:22:20

Do you know what foods or combinations of food trigger it?

I had bits of terrible trapped wind and it was always after eating oats so I cut them out and things have settled down now. Also gist drinks were terrible for it.

April241 Sun 03-Jul-16 00:16:03

I know you say you've tried Rennies but have you tried the Rennie Deflatine? They're absolutely fantastic, also peppermint tea is really good.

fruityb Sun 03-Jul-16 00:36:53

I'm currently in motherfucking agony with trapped wind. I know it's this as had it before. It's like someone is crushing my ribs and the pain in my shoulder blades is excruciating. I'm having peppermint tea and waiting for it to wear off, this cures it pretty much every single time but sweet Jesus it absolutely cripples me. I have not known pain like it - I actually don't think child birth could hurt as much as this does'n

Bollyroo Sun 03-Jul-16 00:47:02

Agree with checking out what food you're eating and yoga positions. After that I got some probiotic tablets and they work great for me.

WickerHearts Sun 03-Jul-16 20:27:44

I agree with checking if foods contribute to the problem. I googled foods that cause wind and after stopping a few things over time I realised a few things really didn't agree with me. I've had to cut out oats, apples, pears and watermelon x

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