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5 weeks pregnant....cystitis, thrush...tea tastes different ....please help.....

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user1466875262 Sat 25-Jun-16 18:37:40

Hi everyone,

Ok so I started having severe exhaustion and sore boobs a few weeks ago...i thought nothing of it and thought it was friend had a digital clear blue and she was constantly at me saying 'i bet your pregnant' and she wouldn't stop nagging so to shut her up i took the said 3 weeks pregnant.....i was shocked but very happy. I took the test to my doctor she did a blood test waited a few days and confirmed i was pregnant. However, last week i started with a horrible pain...a pain i knew very well...cystitis!! My doctor gave told me it was normal to get cystitis in early pregnancy and usually before it ends pregnant women tend to get thrush too...the thrush is now here too! My doctor said it was safe to use the cystitis relief sachets along with drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice and apparently it should go within 48 hours...its now 8 days later and im still with the cystitis. Im peeing a lot like unable to control my bladder!! I rang my doctor she said with pregnancy its very normal for cystitis to take longer to go sad I just wondered if any of you of ladies when you was pregnant did you too get these horrible symptoms and did the cystitis take longer to go...i still have thrush and its not going away sad....the joys of pregnancy :/

Also I know it sounds weird but i have such a weird tatse in my mouth and when i drink tea it tastes like im drinking tea with sour milk :/ its defo not sour as i buy a fresh bottle every morning from my local store.....please help :/

Thanks xx

AGnu Sat 25-Jun-16 18:45:26

Cystitis & thrush have never been particular problems for me so I can't offer any advice there. I've not drunk tea for over 2 years - went off it in my first pregnancy, liked it again after, ditto second pregnancy, tried to get back into it but I just don't like it any more & it does funny things to my digestive system now! I've taken up drinking herbal tea - fennel is nice & doesn't taste grassy like some others. Pregnancy does weird things to your senses!

Moonrocks6 Sat 25-Jun-16 18:56:04

Tea tastes like fish to me at the moment. Horrible and very annoying as I fancy a cup but want to vomit as soon as I taste it. Am 28 weeks and haven't managed it since week 6.

Sorry, I don't have any advice on thrush/cystitus other than canisten cream which I'm not even sure you can use. Heard good things about natural yoghurt. hmm

RainbowPickle Sat 25-Jun-16 19:17:56

Sorry to hear about the cystitis & thrush. I was very thirsty and still am to a degree but was drinking pints of water/squash and peeing for England. I went off tea and coffee, Tea tasted yuck and coffee gave me heartburn. It won't be long before your tastes buds return to normal ( for me it was about 14 weeks or so).

Dangermouse80 Sat 25-Jun-16 20:01:46

Had both in my two pregnancies. Only thing that worked was the pessarys for the thrush, (2 week course) and avoiding all tea / coffee / fizzy drinks as cystitis flared within hours of drinking these. Each time they checked for UTI and I was clear. I found drinking milk helped alongside taking the sachets.
The strange taste in the mouth I can relate to, it could be the beginning of oral thrush (or just pregnancy tastes and smells going into overdrive!)
Hope that helps, everything improved once I was past 16 weeks smile

HorseyGal Sat 25-Jun-16 22:37:02

I had cystitis at about 6 weeks and my doctor recommended antibiotics as that was safer for babies than having a brewing infection. May be worth getting a second opinion.
I didn't have it anymore after that 😀

Pessary's are safe to use for thrush in pregnancy, i was prescribed one of these a few weeks ago, and bought another when it flared up again!

I went off tea until about 13 weeks, but then my taste came back to normal, so you may well be the same! I now only have under 2 weeks to go until I have twins, eek!!

seven201 Sun 26-Jun-16 10:23:50

I have kidneys issues and thrush that didn't go. I took lots of antibiotics for the uti's and a pessary every 2 or 3 days for the thrush (not that they ever got rid of it but kept it from flaring up too much). Go back to your dr and get them to prescribe you stuff! Avoid caffeine if you have a wee infection.

livelyredjellybean Sun 26-Jun-16 10:29:27

My dr gave me antibiotics immediately for cystitis... After 3 days on them, I now am suffering with thrush. My pharmacist recommended a 1% cream which I have been using since yesterday but it doesn't yet seem to be helping much. I feel your pain!

neonrainbow Sun 26-Jun-16 10:31:13

Im almost 5 weeks and everything tastes salty to me even tea.

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