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Itchy down there...

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foxessocks Fri 24-Jun-16 15:05:41

No thrush like discharge just itchy and I think a bit swollen. I can't get to the doctor until next week now... Is there anything I can use to relieve it??

foxessocks Fri 24-Jun-16 15:06:02

I'm 30 weeks pregnant btw

dats Fri 24-Jun-16 17:27:28

I've had this for weeks, on and off. I'm fairly certain it's just the engorgement and pressure from the baby. Sometimes I use Canesten cream, sometimes Sudocrem both of which help a bit - best thing though is an ice pack. Good luck, it's bloody annoying!!

missybct Fri 24-Jun-16 17:29:37

Has it happened before OP? I had this for about a week, then I found I had thrush like discharge - it was almost like a delay or something. I'm 26w, but has been going on since week 10.

KayTee87 Fri 24-Jun-16 19:56:30

So am I and its not thrush or anything like that, I think it's just heat and swelling from the extra blood flowing down there and pressure from baby. I find a hairdryer on the cold setting makes it feel better blush

36 weeks

foxessocks Sun 26-Jun-16 12:08:19

Thanks all and sorry for only just replying I've been away for the weekend. I'm still uncomfortable but not as bad and have been trying an ice pack which does help! I haven't tried sudocrem but might see if it helps.

If it carries on much longer I guess I'll have to go to the GP. There's still no other symptoms though just swollen and itchy although swelling does seem to have reduced a bit.

Oh the joys of pregnancy! Had a lovely romantic weekend away with my dh and have spent a lot of the time sitting with an ice pack - nice!

foxessocks Sun 26-Jun-16 12:09:52

I have had this before BTW but not when pregnant. I had thrush in my first pregnancy but it definitely had different symptoms to this. Previously when I've just had an itch like this when not pregnant I've used vagisil and it has gone within a week but as far as I know you can't use vagisil when pregnant at least I wouldn't without a trip to GP first.

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