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BlueberryMuffin85 Fri 24-Jun-16 10:46:38

Does anyone have any preg pillow reccomendations or general sleep advice? I've been using the geenii pillow but it doesn't seem to be really working for me and I cannot get comfortable. Has anyone tried sleeping propped up almost like half sitting up? I hate complaining but I am not sure I can carry on as is! I have a lovely mattress that was just the right level of firmness but I feel as I've put on the baby weight I am now sinking into it too much so that when I'm on my left I sometimes end up rolling half into my front and then I wake up in a panic that I'm squashing baby blush
I'm 23+3 so got a while to go yet!

BathshebaDarkstone Fri 24-Jun-16 10:53:55

I spent pretty much the whole of my last pregnancy sleeping sitting up because of heartburn. It's not impossible.

By the way, your baby's very well protected in there, you won't squash him/her. smile

SpeckledFrog2014 Fri 24-Jun-16 13:48:53

I bought a really firm little wedge pillow from Argos with my first pregnancy to stop me rolling onto my back. Must admit I don't bother now as sleeping on my back wakes me up. When bump was a little smaller this pregnancy I put it under my front so my bump didn't feel it was trying to rip my skin off to reach the bed. Now at 38 + 1 I just wait to pass out from tiredness as I'm so uncomfortable in bed (I know that is not very helpful).

If you have bought a nursing chair or think you're going to, get it and put it up if you opt for upright sleeping and sleep in that. They are very comfy and my husband slept in it too when he had really bad back problems as he couldn't lie down. My dad now has the chair (as it didn't have an enclosed mechanism so not safe for dd) and he has it in the conservatory and naps in it!

Abrahamkin Fri 24-Jun-16 13:56:33

I had a theraline pillow. I bought it towards the end of the pregnancy and regret not buying it earlier. IT served me well as well when breastfeeding my DS, and I still sleep with it now!

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