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Useless partner making everything worse

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Smile150 Thu 23-Jun-16 16:54:43

Where do I start my partner is useless he never asks me how I am or how I'm feeling even well I tell him I'm noy feeling good he doesn't seem to care. I'm home looking after our 18 month old and 15 weeks pregnant and he is no help what so ever. He will not do anything half the time he doesn't even answer the phone to me or my messages. When I tell him I'm not well he changes the subject to himself he ain't well he this he's that. I have to nag for money or he won't give me any. I'm feeling a bit depressed and some days I'm really moody I no its not fair to take it out on him but he goes mad and has a go at me he really doesn't get it. I lost a lot of weight after our first child and became a bit obsessed with losing weight and struggling with the fact that all I'm doing now is eating and putting weight on i look at myself in the mirror and justhe think your so fat and he doesn't understand how hard it is for me from being a size 18 to struggling to lose weight and now putting it on. I'm extremely happy I'm pregnant I'm just very self conscious and have no confidence and he has done that to me and still makea it worse. I'm not in love with him at all and think I'm only with him so I'm not alone and because he will make my life hell if we split up and turn everyone against me like he did before. Any advice or tips x

Stom91 Thu 23-Jun-16 19:30:44

Leave. You don't need do one that brings you down. No matter how much Crap it may cause. He sounds like a dick. Once it's all blown over you'll be happier.

You can't have a relationship with someone you don't love.

You really are better off without people like that in your life

PolaroidsFromTheBeyond Thu 23-Jun-16 19:40:09

This doesn't sound good TBH.

- He won't communicate with you.
- He leaves you short of money. This is financial abuse.
- He won't help look after his child.
- He undermines your confidence.
- You don't love him.

You need to leave. You cannot build a successful relationship with someone you don't love. What is the worst he can do if you split? If you're a single mum, you can access benefits to help you while you get back on your feet.

crazychemist Fri 24-Jun-16 18:58:04

ThIs does sound pretty bad :-( really sorry you're having such a hard time. Did you feel this way before you were pregnant? Not trying to diminish how you feel at all, but personally I think my hormones have made me a little mental and have definitely been unfair to my DH on a couple of occasions. If this is a long term feeling then I think going it alone might be easier - it certainly doesn't sound like he's supporting you, so if you don't love him and he isn't helpful to you staying with him is just a drain on you and might be setting a bad example for your children - how would you feel 20/30 years down the line if they were in your position?

Smile150 Thu 30-Jun-16 07:40:01

I've always felt like this or I have for the last few months he is just ungrateful and hates me using my phone or if I take a photo of me and our daughter and put it on Facebook he goes mad. He doesn't offer to give money I have to nag and nagging. He lost me friends before when we split up and turned people against me making out I stopped him seeing our daughter when he was the one who just wasnt interested.

Stom91 Fri 01-Jul-16 20:35:37

You need to leave. You old be so much better off in the long run xx

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