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Feeling completely unprepared for 2nd baby due in a few weeks

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Quodlibet Thu 23-Jun-16 09:28:44

Bear with this small torrent of woe.

I am nearly 37 weeks, also have a 2.6 yr old. I have a feeling this one is going to make an appearance before 40 weeks.

We are at the tail end of a loft conversion. For the last 5 weeks my house has been upside down and my head has been basically consumed with organising the practicalities/small details of the project, which alway seem to need solving urgently.

I'm also still working, with a couple of major projects still to tie up.

We have most of the baby 'stuff' left over from DD, so I'm not particularly concerned about that. But between looking after a toddler, loft conversion and work I feel like I have had no space or time to mentally prepare for this baby or the birth. I feel guilty for not giving much thought to what he will be like when he arrives, not planning anything special for him or buying anything in preparation for his arrival (literally haven't bought ANYTHING except a sleepyhead). I've got a close friend expecting their first and it's just bringing home to me the contrast in terms of the amount of planning and dreaming I did around my first child which I just haven't found time for with this baby. It feels like I'm a negligent parent before he's even arrived! And I am scared that having a newborn is going to hit me like a ton of bricks because I just haven't mentally prepared.

Any advice?

anotherdayanotherdinner Thu 23-Jun-16 09:35:22

I've just had my 2nd and even without all that you've got going on I still was no where near as prepared as I was for the 1st.....and that's how it continues!!! I wouldn't worry once they're here you'll find the time. Maybe not dwelling on the labour is a good thing shock it definitely was in my case!!

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