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Early period and terrible cramps....any advice please?

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user1466661500 Thu 23-Jun-16 07:13:58

Morning all :-)

I've never posted on here before but have read threads and hoping someone may have some advice before I bother the doctors.
I'm due on my period a week today and I'm always regular however I've been having terrible cramps and backache for a few days (I do suffer from painful periods but not as much as this!) Then yesterday afternoon I had extreme pain and started to bleed. Since then it's been heavy and the pain hasn't given in, I've had painkillers, and a wheat bag in bed, I've hardly slept as the pain was so bad and it's still not given in, usually after a few hours of starting my period it calms down a little. We're trying for a baby and last month I was four days late! Until then I'd always had normal periods and was on time! Is this normal?

Thank you for reading xx

sizethree Thu 23-Jun-16 14:17:55

Is the pain central or to one side?
It's too early to test but it could be an ectopic so do seek doctor's advice soon just in case.

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