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First trimester bleeding - not always the end!

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CharER Wed 22-Jun-16 14:04:20

Hi Ladies. I'm new to here but after spending many hours searching the Internet in my first trimester looking for advice and reassurance I thought I'd post a quick message to hopefully help anyone else that was in a similar situation to me.
This is my 2nd pregnancy, the 1st ended in mmc 2 years ago. In this pregnancy I started bleeding at around the 5 week mark and seemed to bleed every other week from then until around 12 weeks. I had early scans etc which all showed that the baby was fine. And I've just come back from my 20 week scan where everything is fine, baby is growing well and very active, yippeeee!!!
I just wanted to share a good news message to let anyone whose freaking out about experiencing bleeding in the first few months know that it doesn't always mean the end! I came across a similar post when I was frantically searching the Internet when my bleeding began and it made me feel a bit brighter smile

positivity123 Wed 22-Jun-16 14:13:34

I'm really pleased for you. The first trimester is so tough and it is great to hear a good news story. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

Sunflower30 Wed 22-Jun-16 14:24:25

That's lovely news. I had a similar experience with my 2nd baby, and now he is a healthy 18m old bundle of energy! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

FabFiveFreddie Wed 22-Jun-16 14:25:48

Excellent! And so lovely of you to share your news; it will be of great comfort to many other women, I'm sure.

smellsofelderberries Thu 23-Jun-16 16:29:22

Congratulations! I had a similar experience. MMC (with bleeding and spotting throughout) in Jan, and bled from 5-11 weeks with this pregnancy. Lots of scans and baby has always been fine. I'm 19+5 today and have our 20 week scan on Wednesday. Can't wait!

MoreGilmoreGirls Thu 23-Jun-16 16:34:47

Congrats OP. I too had first trimester bleeding with my second pregnancy, freaked me out a bit as had none with my first but I'm now 36 weeks and all is healthy though the stubborn little chap won't turn. Good luck with the rest of your pg smile

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