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On the search for other mums over 45

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silverandgold Wed 22-Jun-16 10:26:48

Hello! I am massively surprised and somewhat terrified to discover I am pregnant aged 46. I would love to make contact with other mums out there of a similar age for mutual support and conversation. Anyone else?

puch Wed 22-Jun-16 10:39:54

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I was 45 when I gave birth to my third child. It was a massive surprise and to be honest I sort of hid my pregnancy for a long time as I was sure that I would lose her. But pregnancy was fine I was still walking half hour each way four times a day for school run until two days before birth. There are more and more older mums now. No extra checks at hospital in face I had less checks than my previous two. You will be fine just think of the end result.

corinne65 Wed 22-Jun-16 12:56:18

Hello Silverandgold - I'm also pregnant & I'm 51. Mine was an IVF pregnancy - so not exactly a surprise!! Although after 5 years of IVF, 4 miscarriages and 1 ectopic it is quite a surprise to be successfully pregnant. I'm 21 weeks (and it's my first baby) - how far along are you?

Bluebird126 Wed 22-Jun-16 22:54:53

Hello, 45 years old and 21 weeks here with my first. Eek! We were vaguely trying and about to give up when we got the amazing yet alarming news that we were expecting a baby girl. I didn't believe it would progress at first and it's only just sinking in really. Would love to chat to others of similar age.

dats Thu 23-Jun-16 00:05:24

Come join the forty and over thread smile

Floozie66 Sun 26-Jun-16 10:13:47

I am almost 45 and 4 weeks pregnant. Not feeling very hopeful though as 2 miscarraiges previously, though have two other children. Just hoping to get through the next couple of weeks as it seems the odds of are so stacked against it, everything i read suggests its nigh on impossible to have a viable pregnancy once you are near the mid forties! Have some minor symptoms at moment, mild nausea, a bit tired, but am sure with my two children at this point i had quite severe nausea. Am torn between getting an early scan (6 weeks) or just trying to forget about it for now . How did everyone else feel?

Bluebird126 Sun 26-Jun-16 10:59:33

Hi Floozie, there are more of us on the other thread - over 1000 posts, so there's more than just a handful of women in their 40s doing this! Hang in there, the first weeks are tough I agree. But there certainly is hope x I'm 22 weeks (conceived at 44 yrs) and a consultant friend of mine said in her opinion I'm less at risk now than someone younger with an established medical issue. Take care of yourself and good luck x

helenatroy Wed 29-Jun-16 21:08:26

47 first baby.

Bluebird126 Wed 29-Jun-16 22:21:30

Yay congratulations! There's more on the other thread x

LittleBoat Fri 01-Jul-16 15:24:45

Hi, I joined the 40+ thread, but it's full now and I cant find a new one (is there one?).

Either way, I would love this thread to continue as there feels, to me, a massive difference between early forties and 45+.

I am 46 and have found myself pregnant with my 3rd, after a gap of 11 years. Definitely not planned, and although I am over the moon to have another baby, my head is whirling with worries about antenatal tests, whether I'll make it to term, and the impact this is going have on us as a family.

I feel a bit better having seen the midwife as she didn't really see age as an issue, but has booked me in for an early dating scan as I've no idea how far along I am.

I asked her if she knew of any expectant mothers near to my age, but she said I was the oldest she'd had so far and she wasn't aware of any others atm. So I'm very grateful I've found you lot. smile

Bluebird126 Sat 02-Jul-16 16:50:32

Hi Littleboat

How are you doing? There is a new thread, it's a few pages after this one I think.

LittleBoat Tue 05-Jul-16 10:43:05

Thanks Bluebird, I found it in the end, but unfortunately I don't think this is meant to be for us. I've had lots of pain and heavy bleeding over the weekend. I've got a scan tomorrow, but I don't think the news can be anything but bad.

I'm not going to post on the other thread but just want to thank you all for the support when I needed it and wish you all the very best of luck for the future.

Bluebird126 Tue 05-Jul-16 11:02:43

Littleboat sending love xx

helenatroy Tue 05-Jul-16 13:11:54

I hope everything is ok.

Floozie66 Sat 16-Jul-16 11:07:53

Natural Pregnancy at 44 with twins currently seven weeks. Am freaking out a bit. Feel exhausted already and all day / night nausea. Have posted on over 40 as well. Anyone else with twins at this age?

mrsknickers Sat 16-Jul-16 20:53:37

I'm nearly 43 and recently found out that I'm five weeks pregs, can I join? It's great to see there are quite a few of us out there

Petal40 Sat 16-Jul-16 20:56:00

I'm 43 and broody as hell....just assumed I'm way past it now and even if I wanted to ,it wouldn't this thread ,it's giving me hope

Petal40 Sat 16-Jul-16 21:00:07

Littleboat,sending love yr way...hope it's not bad news...xx

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