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Odd pregnancy symptom - 8 weeks

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Raechey75 Tue 21-Jun-16 20:05:15

I am beginning to think I am going a little do lally but wonder if anyone has had this symptom. I have a very itchy roof of my mouth and keep sneezing. Its driving me mad. I dont have oral thrush - I checked. Has anyone else had an itchy mouth, or is it just me?

Sunnydays321 Tue 21-Jun-16 20:44:45

I get this with hayfever, crazy itchy roof of mouth and throat and middle ear (kind of feels like it's inside my head!) I end up running the roof of my mouth raw with my tongue (look like I'm gurning!). Plus sneezing. sounds like that could be it. Hayfever often gets worse/starts in pregnancy. You can use some of the nasal sprays prevalin I think is meds free. Check with pharmacist.

MrPoppersPenguins Tue 21-Jun-16 22:03:29

I agree re hayfever. This is my most irritating symptom! Itching in my ears too.

Junosmum Tue 21-Jun-16 22:14:56

I get it with hayfever too.

Raechey75 Wed 22-Jun-16 17:31:04

Thank you for your replies - sounds like its hayfever - I have not really had it this bad before mind you... the itchy mouth is so annoying - and I get the itchy ears too!

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