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cheekstime Tue 21-Jun-16 16:01:12

I was worrying about the amount of weight I was gaining. Everyone told me it was normal. As it turns out Ive had Polyhydramious, which is quite rare think 1 in 100. My weight went on half a stone at a time over a few days, nothing then same amount agan each month. I hit 2.5 stone in 2nd trimester. I ate normally. I have now put on 4 stone and end of pregnancy with what look likes accordign to scan a normal sized baby. I knew allalong somehthing not right. Most of the time they dont know why. My growth scan showed above the margin for a couple of weeks then into normal range then high again. Baby goign head down in the time th ewater was lower.
Hoping this post my help someone if this happens to them as if they know they can treat e.g if its caused by gestational diabetes. Extra water can make the baby lie in its cosiest position (not head down), it leads to increased risk of placenta abruption, cord prolapse and a C section for birth if the baby cannot get into proper position as floating around.
Some peoples babes still get upside down some dont.
anyway, good luck

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