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Weight gain!

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Angrybird234 Tue 21-Jun-16 08:05:45

Hi all, am 24 + 4, got on the scales this morning and have gained a smidge under 21lb! Freaking out a little bit because whilst I have relaxed my food and gym routine I didn't think I'd let myself go that much 😨 Still only got one chin (!) but have been finding walking, gym etc much more difficult which is what's pissing me off.

Pre pregnancy BMI was 22 so it's not like I'm a whale (yet) like to circuit train so had a decent amount of muscle definition, it's the slowing down and extra effort to do stuff that's getting to me.

Is this kind of gain normal? How's everyone else faring?

Thelittleredhead Tue 21-Jun-16 08:39:05

Hm, don't know about the gain as everyone is really different. I am 21 + 2 and have gained around 13lb so far (from a 22-ish BMI starting point as well) which my doctor is very pleased with. But almost all of that was gained in the first trimester (around 10lb), which is WAY more than I expected. So it may be that you do most of your gaining earlier and then it tapers off towards the end. You still have another 11lb to go before you go over the 'recommended' weight gain for a normal starting weight.

As to the increased difficulty in walking, gym, etc - don't worry about that. I have continued exercising regularly - cardio and weights and floor work - and I still feel out of breath after walking up stairs. It's normal and nothing (or at least, not all) to do with fitness - It's due largely the fact that you have much more blood so your heart is working extra hard to pump it round, and you are supporting the extra oxygen needs of the baby and placenta as well as your own, which is what makes you breathe more deeply.

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