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Tips for making first trimester easier?

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JeanGenie23 Mon 20-Jun-16 22:35:52

Hello everyone, I am pregnant with DC2&3 shockshock I am only 6 weeks in but have had a troubled start with trips to hospital and GP, (which is why I already know it's twins) thankfully the doctor is satisfied babies are ok, I've just been told to rest up. Ha!
How can I rest up when I have a 17month old and I'm being sick morning noon and night. I had such an easy pregnancy with my first that I am finding hard to tell if I am just being a moaning mrtyle or if it's worth calling the midwife for a trip back to the hospital. I can't face food. If I do eat, it comes back up. I can keep down water but the smell of it is so repulsive to me I have to hold my nose hmm (I'm even eye rolling at myself for this)
What can I do to help myself? I really don't want to be so down in the dumps, especially when I totally loved being pregnant before.
Any tips gratefully received x

JessJR23 Tue 21-Jun-16 12:27:56

Oh no! I was going to come on here and have a moan that at 6 weeks with DC2 I am feeling so fatigued I am tears loads, I feel queasy on an off through the day and I am craving marmite sandwiches and cereal which means I have managed to put on 3lb this week!!!! But I will be quiet now as you sound like you have it worse!! I guess just ear what you can/ fancy and try to get 30 mins a day to yourself in the firm of a bath or reading a book. I find half an hour of "time out" from work, house work, hubby and toddler is REALLY helpful. If you feel really bad do make sure you get checked, better safe than sorry. I don't k ow, but maybe twins means even higher hormone levels which would explain sickness??

soundsystem Tue 21-Jun-16 13:09:37

Have you been prescribed anti-emetics? There are options that are safe in pregnancy. I'd recommend it: in my first pregnancy I was a bit of a martyr and sucked ginger sweeties and ice chips. This time round with a toddler I'm happy to take whatever's going! I feel less nauseous and it gives me a period of an hour or so a day when I can eat/drink without throwing up!

Lie down as much as possible. Does your toddler like stories? I've been snuggled in bed with a pile of books and the iPad, which keeps mine occupied while I moan softly! I've also been lying on the grass in the garden while she runs around me (enclosed garden so she can't escape!)

StepfauxWife Tue 21-Jun-16 13:12:05

CBeebies is your friend! Congratulations on your pregnancy; hope it passes soon.

JeanGenie23 Tue 21-Jun-16 17:56:32

Thank you all for your replies!! smile
DD is becoming obsessed with the iPad blushblush I feel awful, we used to spend days out, but I'm hoping we will get back to that soon, it's not like we have had the weather for it anyway.
I have an appointment for Thursday I am hoping they will prescribe me some safe anti-sickness. Ginger creams help but not at all nutritional. I got on the scales this morning and it said -5lb so I can overlook a few more biscuits I suppose!

soundsystem Tue 21-Jun-16 18:18:02

If ginger creams help then so be it! It's not the time to be worrying about what you eat - anything you can keep down is a bonus! Today I've had a piece of tiffin, a carton of Ribena and some barley sugars blush

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