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Does anyone else have a squishy bump?!

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Thelittleredhead Mon 20-Jun-16 20:23:44

In the grand scheme of things this isn't that important, but it's a bit weird and it's bothering me. It's not a huge bump (am 21 weeks), it's neat and high and all forwards. But it's squishy, especially when I sit down. I'm not at all overweight, and when i saw some friends for the first time in months at the weekend they all commented that I don't look like I've gained any, except boobs and bump. But I have never ever had a flat, toned stomach. It's always been a bit squishy. Not rolls or anything. Slim, but squishy. this my bump or have I just weirdly gained weight and grown a belly?? Or is it a bit of both- a bump, with some belly fat over the top?

And, most importantly, does anyone else have this? I feel like every other woman I know either has a really toned stomach or is overweight so I have no-one to compare to, but every pregnant friend I've ever had has had a "solid" bump from what my can tell! Am I normal? Will it get more solid?

Kariana Mon 20-Jun-16 20:42:26

If you are slim I'd guess it is a bump by now! I'm a couple of weeks ahead of you and also slim. There's a definite bump but some days it is very hard and sometimes it's much squishier. Also although I am wider generally when you look at me from the back you can't actually tell I'm pregnant, it's only obvious I've got any bigger if you knew how slim I was before - otherwise I just took normal!

A couple of my friends had really squishy bumps - they were all carrying girls!

f1ddlesticks Mon 20-Jun-16 21:26:42

My bump's a bit squishy... I'm not overweight but not thin either, fairly average size 12, and my tummy was generally a bit soft and saggy anyway! Don't remember my bump being taught and hard til much later last time. Think there was just a bit of slack to take up first grin

Thelittleredhead Mon 20-Jun-16 22:46:44

Ah great, thanks! That makes me feel better. f1ddlesticks, taking up slack is a great way to put it, I guess i just have to wait a bit longer before it's all stretched out. And kariana I'm having a boy so sadly I buck the squishy tummy/girl trend smile. Like you, you can't tell from the back (or even from the front some mornings or in some outfits) that I'm pregnant. But sometimes, from the side, I look about 30 weeks!

Strange things bumps.

Weezie85 Tue 21-Jun-16 07:57:51

Mines goes from being squishy some days to feeling hard the next. I am tall so I figure it's just where baby is lying

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