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positive & negative test no period

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woodyet Mon 20-Jun-16 11:37:23

Right il start from the beginning me and my partner are trying for a baby my second but our first together

I stopped my pill in March I had a period on 10th April normal flow and 5+ days like normal

Come may I never had a period at all!! Took a frer and said positive with in minutes nice clear 2 pinks lines I actually got 2 positives with these test I still wasn't convinced as it happened all

So quick so I did a CB plus cheapies they all said negative!!!

Still no period them come June the other week I felt really poorly constant head ache which I never get generally feeling ill well on the Friday 10th I wiped and had brown stuff with a tiny bit of blood I had this for 3 days started Friday night then had nothing after one wipe then Saturday Sunday Monday then one little bit Tuesday id have it on tissue but only had spots of brown maybe sometimes tiny bits of blood but nothing ever touched me pad Iv never ever had this before 🤔 I have done another test and it's still saying negative I feel strange me stomach feels bloated I keep feeling like flutter type things in my belly but wonder if it's just wind I am getting like period pains but nothing is happening has anybody got any ideas what could be happening here I'm really going out my mind

AuntieStella Mon 20-Jun-16 11:50:33

You might find more posters with experience of conceiving a pregnancy, interpreting sticks and generally clued up on early symptoms, timings and what they mean in the conception topic

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