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Pregnancy with autoimmune disease

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user1466415014 Mon 20-Jun-16 11:01:03


MN newbie here. I'm 33 years old with a rare autoimmune disease (polymyositis) and I have recently switched to azathioprine so i can ttc. I have spoken to my rheumatologist about pregnancy and I know about possible risks due to certain antibodies, however they have very limited experience with polymyositis pregnancies because it's a rare disease that usually affects women later in life. Nevertheless they told me they see no reason why not to try, although I'll be considered high risk.

It's all a bit scary and although I was somewhat indifferent at the start (my partner is the broody one), now I am really excited that pregnancy is finally an option! Couple of things I'd love to ask:

Firstly, I have an appt at the EGA wing at UCH tomorrow - antenatal clinic and I'm not even pregnant yet! Anyone here who had one of these and can advise me what is this appt about? I haven't requested it, it must have been my rheumatologist after we agreed the time it's safe for me to stop using contraception.

Secondly, any AI mums out there who can share experience?

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