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FTM Advice Thread

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Newtothevillage Mon 20-Jun-16 10:58:28

Hi Ladies (and Gents),

FTM here and keen to gain some real-life opinions on certain products for the impending arrival of BabyVillage and possibly help out some other FTM's who are thinking the

So my current head-scratchers are confused:

What are the best Maternity Pads to buy for immediately after labour?
Should i buy Dermoplast?
Anyone have any tips for helping that area post-birth?

Should i pay an extra £50 for a monitor that i can connect to via an app on my phone or is this a gizmo too far?

Are swaddle wraps worth their weight in gold?

What was your hospital bag essential item?

What do you wish you'd had at home when you brought Baby home from hospital?

Please add your own questions or tips as i'm sure there's more i haven't thought of and so many brains to pick here.


duckyisback Mon 20-Jun-16 11:46:55

Would definitely recommend boots maternity pads. I tried a few and they were by far the comfiest. And buy more than you think you need! I had to send dm to the shops 3/4 times while I was still in hospital! Once the bleeding slowed I used the asda thin maternity towels.

I have no idea what dermoplast is!

If by monitor you mean a Doppler, I would advise don't do it if you are not properly trained to use them. They could cause you worry when you don't need, or they could make you think everything is OK when it's not iyswim.

I never swaddled, but I do think that sleeping bags are great as long as they are used properly.

My snacks and drinks were great in hospital as they only had vending machines and crap meals. I wish I took more books and things to keep me entertained.

I think I was pretty well prepared at home tbh. Although, I wish I had followed what everyone on here said and made a bunch of meals and put them in the freezer. I basically ate crap because I had no time to cook.

Hope that helps!

Newtothevillage Mon 20-Jun-16 12:07:55


I mean baby monitor, as in for the bedroom. The motorola ones seem popular but with mixed reviews, the BT ones sound good but quite expensive...

duckyisback Mon 20-Jun-16 13:48:07

Oh I see!

I have used the angel care one with the movement sensor pad thing, I found it very reassuring but it did give out a few false alarms.

We now have the motarola video monitor which I think it great!

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