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Laundry Detergent & Baby Toiletries

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Monkies7 Mon 20-Jun-16 10:42:08

Hi all,

I'm a FTM and am 34 weeks pregnant so trying to get everything ready before the little one arrives. I want to start washing all of baby's clothes but wanted advice as to what you have found to be the best laundry detergent to use? There's so much conflicting information out there it can be really confusing!

Also, what toiletries are best for babies? I've been told not to use Johnsons products at all so wanted to see what everyone else is doing.

TIA xx

SecretSpy Mon 20-Jun-16 10:48:25

Honestly, it isn't crucial. Plain water and the occasional bit of a baby shampoo is fine for bathing babies.

You don't need to change your washing powder. Some people prefer a non bio, but you will be washing stuff covered in milk and poo and sick and wee - good reasons to stick with an effective bio if you already use one.

IamChipmunk Tue 21-Jun-16 01:17:43

I use fairy non bio and sensitive softner. I find it shifts stains as well as my normal ariel.
We do use Johnsons toiletries though so can't advise on that!

I would advise to only wash the minimum until baby arrives. I had a small baby and was able to swap some of the bigger things I had for smaller when I needed them as they had the tags on!

Mummyme87 Tue 21-Jun-16 08:17:31

I use any non bio washing detergent and a white conditioner, Ie. Not one of the scented ones.

No products for baby until he was about 3-4months, and then I used the purple organic lavender shampoo (can't remember the name of it). Avoid products on babies, they don't need it. Own brand stuff is quite good, avoid anything highly scented like johnsons

dementedpixie Tue 21-Jun-16 08:22:57

I only used non bio for about 2-3 weeks and then went back to bio and neither had any skin issues.

cheekstime Tue 21-Jun-16 16:11:55

Hello - Plain water for baby, have heard of people using a camomile tea bag in it. cotton wool or reusable bamboo wipes sell at babipur or terry cotton wipes.
coconut oil only for botty rash.

soap flake liquid, make dri pak (tesco do this with their label on it), very mild no crap in it. or a USA Rockin green laundry detergent avail from babipur bay website.

yes commercial stuff rubbish becasue all additives and hormone distruptors apparently.

Monkies7 Tue 21-Jun-16 18:59:46

Thanks for all the advice :-)

Evergreen17 Mon 27-Jun-16 10:19:15

Hello I am only 6 weeks pregnant and I have not had the joy yet of having to wash any dirty nappies but I just wanted to say that (if you can) I use non bio.
This is because I work in science and we use biological washing powder to clean the bones from animal specimens. I mean remove the flesh from the bone.
I know lots of people use it but after my experience at work, this is pretty powerful stuff, so I dont want it on my skin or the babies

But as I said, i dont know how hard it is to clean the baby stains neither I am criticising people that use it smile

Noodledoodledoo Mon 27-Jun-16 21:41:28

I used Persil non bio and comfort Pure fabric softner for baby. Did this till she was about 12 months, always wash her clothes separately for no other reason than she has her own laundry bag and it makes sorting clothes a bit easier! All the stuff on the line goes to her room!

We use either Johnsons or Cussons but like others not until around 4 months, used water and cotton wool for first few months of nappy changes, but used water wipes when out and about.

Then moved on to Aldi Sensitive wipes.

No skin issues at all and she is now 21 months - will be doing the same for no. 2 in a few weeks time.

Napisan is great for any stains - just soak in a bucket and then chuck in the wash - removes all stains here so far!

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