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Confused 😩

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Nattan89 Sun 19-Jun-16 22:48:51

Hey just wondering if anyone has ever had a 2 day period then brown spotting afterwards?
The day before I came on I done a test and had a faint line on a FR, then came on the 2 day "period" no clots ..
After it finished I done another test the other day came up with a very faint line FR,then done one the next day and said negative which was clear blue ..
I was on anti biotics a few weeks ago, can it be that messing with my period?
Now I have mild back and stomach systems like I'm going to come on my period and I'm constipated ... I'm sooo confused.. Is this a chemical pregnancy?
Thank you

socktastic Mon 20-Jun-16 05:05:53

Clearblue tests aren't as responsive as FRER ones. I'd suggest giving it a day or two then retesting with FRER or a pink dye test such as Superdrug's own brand.

Fingers crossed for you. flowers

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