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Pregnant and poorly :(

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dylsmimi Sun 19-Jun-16 18:49:41

I'm 26 weeks and threw up in the middle of last night quite violently sick.
I feel so bad today - my stomach is sore and bloated and I have no room for anything but the baby. Have eaten a tiny bit of bread and toast but that just hurt.
Any magic remedies? It's back to work and the school run tomorrow so I need to be back on form!
Baby has been moving lots

chiggins Sun 19-Jun-16 21:09:05

Oh no, poor joy sad maybe ritz crackers? I'm only 12 weeks and only managed half my dinner tonight before having to stop!! Feeling so bloated I had to get hubbie to rub my back and burp me!!!
Hoe you feel better in the morning flowers

Hidingthefear Sun 19-Jun-16 21:18:46

Not sure if you mean ill or pregnancy sickness. I was sick at least once a day from being about 5 weeks preg to the day I gave birth at 41+1, i didn't find any magical cures. I found ready salted crisps made me feel the least sick. Salty stuff really did seam to help. Avoid milk (it's horrible when you bring it back up!!), and anything fatty. Things that are really cold like ice pops and ice cream can make you more sick.
If it's "just" illness and not ms, then try and keep fluids up as much as possible to make up for what you lose being sick. things that are plain and boring will be easy on your digestive system, plain bread etc.
Good luck on the school run tomorrow!! I salute you mama!

grumpysquash3 Sun 19-Jun-16 21:35:38

It sounds like a tummy bug. Just have little sips of water and only start eating when you feel hungry again. Listen to your body.
Hope you feel better tomorrow.

grumpysquash3 Sun 19-Jun-16 21:37:10

Oh, and don't go into work if you're not better. Do school run, call in sick and go back to bed. You are sick, after all. If you tell them you've got a vomiting bug, they won't want you there anyway....

ThinkPinkStink Sun 19-Jun-16 21:40:00

I was sick sick sick at 19 weeks. It took a good few days to feel normal again, all I can recommend is rest and drink as much water as you can.

I also got some (disgusting) Dioralyte. As soon as I felt up to eating I had brown toast and Marmite (again to get my salts up).

Fingers crossed you feel better very soon!

dylsmimi Mon 20-Jun-16 07:18:17

Thanks everyone - 'just' a sickness bug as I am lucky and didn't have morning sickness.
Little better after some sleep last night although ds2 was up 3 times sad will take all your advice on board and try to keep it as easy as I can - it's easier to listen to you all rather than dh- I am not a very good patient!
Thank you all

PickledLilly Mon 20-Jun-16 16:44:58

I've got a stomach bug too. Try to take it easy! I threw up last night on and off from about 7pm - 12.30. Woke up this morning thinking I'd be ok, went to my 28 wk midwife appt where I passed out and vomited everywhere. I assumed I would be ok but pregnancy really fucks up your immune system so these things do tend to hit you harder than normal. My advice would be to rest if you can, turns out soldiering through it isn't always the best plan blush

dylsmimi Mon 20-Jun-16 18:26:23

Thanks lily. Hope you feel better soon flowers
My mum has had a stern word about resting and invites us for tea on Sunday and even said she would have the kids as a sleepover so I am trying to listen!
It's hard to slow down sometimes - jobs still need to be done!

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