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Mucus plug

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Uiscebeatha85 Sun 19-Jun-16 13:33:04

Think I've just lost mine at 33 weeks! confused looks like a globule of snot\phlegm and noticeably came out, as in I felt it coming out iyswim. What do I need to do (if anything)? I have a pic but I will spare everyone the gory details!

BumpAndGrind Sun 19-Jun-16 13:36:05

This happened to me 2 weeks ago at 33+3 weeks.

I went in for monitoring, they couldn't find anything wrong so sent me home. Labour started 24 hours later and DD was born at 33+5.

Call the midwife or maternity ward.

Uiscebeatha85 Sun 19-Jun-16 16:30:32

Thanks Bump I called them and they told me to just keep an eye on things and to call back if I have any pain or anything changes. Could be the plug or 'just the usual manky pregnancy discharge' confused

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