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why are (some) men selfish idiots!

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Dlah Sat 18-Jun-16 17:29:10

Hmm, just need to rant about my other half.

We live together but he has his old house still about 30 mins away, baby due October. He comes back some weekends to catch up with friends/family etc

today I've come back with him as got the weekend off, he popped out to see a friend and I happened to spot a box in his bedroom . . Which I was fairly sure had been used to deliver a £400 gaming card for his PC! So on his return I asked him, and he had the cheek to say no for a split second before realising I was onto him! Then changing to yes.

I have no issues in the fact he purchased it per say, but a) grow some balls and be honest about it and b) the money shortage he was bitching about 2 weeks ago seems invalid now he's prepared to whack £400 on credit card yet we're currently in middle of buying baby bits and it's gonna be a month by month task as no spare cash.

Just frustrating, douche

Rant over!

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