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6 days late, slight tiniest spotting yesterday

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user1466204886 Sat 18-Jun-16 11:23:39


My partner and I have decided to try for a baby and after being off the pill for a number of months now, we decided to time our sex to my ovulation cycle.after the first month of doing so, I haven't come onto my period.

I have been taking folic acid religiously every morning since we decided to try and now I'm six days late for my period. I've taken two tests and both have come back negative.

Since trying I've felt different, I've had non of my normal pains/aches I get around that time of the month. Everything feels different.

I have been bloated, a little ill (hayfever like symptoms, sneezing, sniffing etc), yesterday I had cramps in the left side of my stomach and then 30 minutes later a very small amount of blood which stopped almost immediately. I thought that this can't be implantation bleeding as its 6 days over my period?

my usual cycles are like clockwork, 28 days and rarely anything more, sometimes later on that night but always like clockwork.

Any advice would be welcomed with open arms. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced anything like this? I have family staying at the moment and cant get to the doctors until Monday.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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