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4 weeks upset stomach

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Abinob Sat 18-Jun-16 08:43:27

is this normal? or bad?
I have, uh, really bad diarrhoea blush
I didn't find out i was pregnant with ds until 15 weeks so i can't remember if i had the same thing.
anyone else?

boodles101 Sat 18-Jun-16 11:18:08

I did too. I think its something to do with the hormones either slows down your digestion and gives you constipation or it speeds it up and does the opposite! Just make sure u drink plenty of water. Hope that helps!

missybct Sat 18-Jun-16 11:34:58

Yup. I had this, just after finding out I was pregnant. Then it went to constipation - the delights of pregnancy!

Just keep hydrated - don't strain too much, and wipe properly to avoid potential UTI's.

lightcola Sat 18-Jun-16 11:42:22

I don't remember the last time I had a normal poo. (Actually I do, it was 14 weeks 3 days ago)

Jodie1982 Sat 18-Jun-16 16:25:05

I still have it at 10 wks. It's doing my brain in 😣

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