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Some advice re spotting & rest please

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lizardqueenie Sat 18-Jun-16 06:53:57

I'm probably only around 5 weeks pregnant, went for internal scan on Thursday just to check everything was in the right place as pregnancy was a lovely surprise. Dr could see sac was Corning in the right place, tubes looked ok but she said it looked v early so to return 2 weeks later to see of they can detect hear beat.

Friday morning I started having some spotting, a tiny pink spot at first & now brown, it's continued until this morning. I called EPU yesterday just for a bit of advice on what to do- they said rest &get teferal from GP if it continues next week. So brown spotting has continued along with some mild cramps in my lower tummy & back, have had mild cramps v early on in this pg with no bleeding & done know if it to do with the spotting or to do with growing/ stretching as normal.

Thus sounds a bit crazy. It what can I do now, know I meanto rest but how much? Is this bed rest? Meant to be helping at dds school fair today on a stall- I want to be sensible but not ott. Any advice or suggestions very welcome. Thank you flowers

biddybid73 Sat 18-Jun-16 07:28:04

I wouldn't wait - call your hospital and see if you can go in. My local hospital has an emergency 24 hour clinic for early pregnancy which you can attend if you are worried.

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