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Pregnant again!!

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Steph119988 Fri 17-Jun-16 22:33:06

Hi everyone
I'm after some support/advice. I have a 3 year old son who I absolutely adore! I was with his Dad for 7 years when he entered the world. He was very much planned. Then when my son was 6 weeks old I found out my partner had cheated on me all through my pregnancy. We split and I got a place of my own with my son. We tried one more time for the sake of our son but he couldn't handle the mess so he left before Christmas 2013.
I met someone very special 18 months ago. He now lives with us and treats my son as his own. Although my sons Dad has him every other weekend and is great with him. I have stupidly felt guilt for my ex every time I do something that makes me happy. It's drives me crazy! Sometimes I think he regrets leaving us but he's never done anything about it. So I moved on and found someone lovely. I never wanted just the one child. Now I've just discovered I'm pregnant again with my current partner! We're extremely happy but I just have an overwhelming feeling of guilt which is ruining the experience for me. It's still new so there's time for it to sink in. Why do I feel guilty for feeling happy? I'm mostly struggling with having 2 children with 2 different dads which I never thought would happen. Sorry for the essay but as no one knows I'm expecting I can't talk to anyone else at the moment and I'd love some advice!! Thank you

JessJR23 Mon 20-Jun-16 12:19:27

Hi there steph. I am sorry, I can't really offer any advice from experience. All I can say is that is sounds like you have a wonderful little family unit set up and it is great that you have managed to move on. I can imagine it must be difficult to adjust your view on what you thought like would bring you, but I think it sounds like your son will embrace a new sibling just as he has embraced your new partner. As far as guilt about your ex husband, you really do need to try and get over that. He made his choices, he didn't respect what you two had made and we're working for and frankly I think you are doing really well to consider his feelings. Try to remember this is a new experience for your new partner and he will want to be super excited! Try not to let feelings of guilt spoil his and your new joy. X

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