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13 week scan/blood results

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Babykoala1 Fri 17-Jun-16 18:07:33

Hi guys, smile

this is my first pregnancy & I was looking to see if anyone has/had a similar story to me.
Went for my 12 week scan, ultrasound was supposedly perfect and everything looking as it should be at this stage (I was 12 weeks 6 days). After the scan I felt elevated as everything looked great! The bloods came back however and they are pretty shoddy. Putting me at a "higher" risk pregnancy for downs syndrome. (1:195 to be precise). I know these odds don't sound awful but as I'm only 25 the results should ideally be in the thousands! My partner doesn't seem too worried but the Sonographer was shocked at how bad the bloods were as my scan went so well. I have opted for the harmony test, but the two week wait is agonising and I can't think about anything else! I was just wondering if anyone has been or is currently going through a similar thing? My results were: NT 1.9mm
Hcg 1.91 MoM
Papp-a 0.35
I'm hoping everything is okay and I just have dodgy bloods. All stories and experiences are welcome smile

Sophia1984 Fri 17-Jun-16 18:39:06

I haven't been through it, but I think it's definitely a good thing that they didn't spot anything on the scan. 1:195 is still very, very low odds. Sending you and baby positive thoughts x

CockerASpanielsZ Sat 18-Jun-16 08:03:41

We went through this too. I am also 25 and got 1:244 chance of Down's syndrome following the combined test. We were also expecting a result in the 1000s - 10,000s so were surprised too. The NT measurement was 2.3 mm but we never got the actual blood results just the risk factor. We also opted for the harmony and waited 6 days for the results, which felt like a lifetime! All results came back low risk 1:10,000 and we found out the sex too 😊. Never really got an explanation for the higher risk result but I think I remember reading that for our age category the chances of a false positive high risk result are higher. I also put it down to dodgy bloods! Hope the results come back soon. Positive thoughts. X

quitecrunchy Sat 18-Jun-16 12:13:58

I had this - high risk result based on the bloods (1:75) but the harmony showed everything was fine. The wait's not fun but your NT measurement sounds good so try not to worry too much. In my area they would class you as low risk at 1:195 so take heart from that too!

WineCheeseSleep Sat 18-Jun-16 17:03:26

I think all you can do is keep telling yourself how incredibly unlikely it is that there is anything wrong which is true. In my first pregnancy my odds were 1:400 which is a bit better but much higher than I expected for my age and everyone else was getting results in the thousands. I didn't get any further testing as I was technically low risk but know how worrying it can be, eventually I came to terms with it and was fine for the rest of the pregnancy (and DS was fine).

Your NT measurement looks good and that's the most important part I think, I think the bloods are more easily influenced by other things. Best of luck.

BettyOBarley Sat 18-Jun-16 19:30:57

We had 1:20 for Downs and the Harmony test came back OK. It does look like your bloods which have pushed your odds up but try to think of it this way, you only have a 0.5% chance of anything being wrong.
Good luck, I remember the awful wait well flowers

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