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6 weeks and feeling dreadful

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thecatsarecrazy Fri 17-Jun-16 16:09:48

I've had 2 other children and suffered with them but forgot how bad it was. I feel like shyte. No appetite, don't know what to drink. I just want to curl up and sleep. My dh is working tonight he was off yesterday so he did dinner and dishes and looked after the boys. My 7 year old keeps saying I have a baby in my tummy, goodness knows how he knows. He said its because I'm sick. I said no I just don't feel well and he said no seriously mum you do shock. I only work 4 hour shifts at work but the journey there and back is the worst.

LokisUnderpants Fri 17-Jun-16 16:10:46

Peppermint tea helped me a lot. Have you tried sucking on some mints?

thecatsarecrazy Fri 17-Jun-16 16:17:47

I have yes. Got some sugar free mints. Got told off by midwife last time for having sugary sweets. Todays been the worst so far. Up until now I've only felt sick

Ellie06 Fri 17-Jun-16 16:27:52

I have found ice Lollys have helped me around the lack of wanting to drink anything. Was getting really dehydrated

Jodie1982 Fri 17-Jun-16 18:05:19

It'll soon pass. I remember the feeling of death, awful. I'm now coming up 10 wks and feeling much better. Nothing much helped my sickness, bread eased it for a bit. Congratulations flowers

thecatsarecrazy Fri 17-Jun-16 19:17:26

Thankyou. My boys are being so sweet. My youngest can be a bit of a monkey but he's behaving.

imcrackersme Sun 19-Jun-16 14:36:05

How are you feeing now? I'm about 6 weeks as well and it has just hit me. My head is pounding and I feel sick. I didn't have this the first time round.

thecatsarecrazy Sun 19-Jun-16 15:53:36

I was sick as a dog Friday. Got up for work Saturday and felt rough like a hang over but have managed to avoid being sick. I find keeping busy helps. If I'm at work I feel like I just have to get on with it but if I have a day off and the kids at school I lay about falling asleep and don't do myself any favours.

MyFirst1 Mon 27-Jun-16 00:56:05

Hi All,
Congrats, I'm 5 1/2 weeks pregnant just a bit concerned had some light pink bleeding. Is this normal my next scan is not due till 2 weeks.

LynseyH5 Mon 27-Jun-16 10:18:24

Cats you have my sympathies! Since I was 5 weeks I've felt just like you. I'm only at 7 weeks now but these last 2 weeks have been blooming hard! I also have 3 boys to look after. I was prescribed cyclizine to help which is great for the nausea but makes me more sleepy.

Try asking your gp for something, it'll help a little and you'll be able to eat better.
My suggestions based on what's got me through so far....
Pink lucozade with ice cubes and a straw!
Ginger biscuits by your bed to eat before you even attempt to move.
Toast as soon as you feel able once up.
And strangely tomato soup is amazing right now....
I use mints as a quick fix and chewing two pieces of airwaves chewing gum hrlps when I'm on the bus to nursery.
Your body needs the rest so sleep isn't a bad thing. In the rare moments you feel 'ok' fling the windows open and do a quick hoover. Give the kitchen sides a wipe or the little bits that need doing. It'll make you feel better if you've done a little and feels fresher to relax in. Also helps not to feel guilty when your sat down and can't move! Hope this helps a little xx

thecatsarecrazy Mon 27-Jun-16 19:01:44

Thanks for your suggestions. i'm still not able to eat much. Salt and vinegar crisps have been a good one. Couldn't face a meal tonight. Fed the boys and went out to put some rubbish outside and ran in to be sick. I'm seeing midwife for the first time on Thursday.

LynseyH5 Mon 27-Jun-16 19:19:25

You need to see your gp if you want meds, midwife can't prescribe them.
Get the boys to bed and take it easy x

MyFirst1 Tue 28-Jun-16 19:00:42

Hi All,

How you all doing, well I'm 6 weeks now my nipples are very sore and have light pink discharge. Please help😒

thecatsarecrazy Thu 30-Jun-16 16:48:23

I saw midwife today and told her I felt rough, spent most of yesterday in bed. She said I would have to ride it out

LynseyH5 Fri 01-Jul-16 12:31:00

Nice midwife! See your gp!
I must admit since I last posted I've struggled to take my own advice and I feel miserable. I'm still taking the cyclizine but the drowisness is a whole other level. I rang my doctors again and will be seeing them Monday.
Don't be too shy to ask for help, that midwife could have been nice enough to say, she can't prescribe anything but the doctor can. To just leave you miserable is very unfair.
Don't suffer in silence.... it'll make you feel worse. Emotionally aswel as psychically.

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