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Nearly 41, pregnant on first try!

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Readysteadygo20 Thu 16-Jun-16 08:16:13

I'm posting this because I'm in shock. And to show that it is possible to conceive over 40. My first child was conceived at age 38, and now I feel so lucky to say we just found out we have number two on the way! Baby number one was conceived on the second try and baby number two on the first! I really thought that as I am now nearly 41 it would take a lot longer but it did not. Slightly worried about miscarriage due to my age but apart from that feeling great. It might be worth saying that I'm super healthy these days - no refined sugar, no caffeine, run twice a week, no alcohol. Not sure if that helped but I'd like to think it did. I tested on 11dpo - nothing. Thought I was out this month and tested again on 16dpo and got a big fat line! Now wondering how I will cope with two at my age. Gulp.

hollyisalovelyname Thu 16-Jun-16 09:08:39


thecatsarecrazy Thu 16-Jun-16 09:22:37


lovemysunnydays Thu 16-Jun-16 11:45:59

Goodness! What happy news!!! Massive congrats! smile

HeadDreamer Thu 16-Jun-16 11:51:26

You will be fine coping! I'm slightly younger with DC2 born just before my 40th birthday. I don't find it too tiring at all. Congrats!!

smellsofelderberries Thu 16-Jun-16 14:45:59

Congratulations! One of my bosses fell pregnant by accident with her first at 39 and fell pregnant again by accident with her second- when DC1 was 4 months!

Pinkheart5915 Thu 16-Jun-16 15:31:58

Congratulations 🍼🍼🍼

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