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Big for dates and test for diabetes

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Missingcaffeine Wed 15-Jun-16 22:24:04

Im 35 weeks pregnant and have been measuring 3cm big for dates at the last 2 checks (27 weeks and 32 weeks). My check prior to this, at 16 weeks, I was measuring 16cm. I had a growth scan at around 30 weeks which showed baby to be on the top of the normal end - plotted just under the 100th percentile line.

I have not had my blood glucose checked at all. The midwife has checked my urine and told me it's fine. I know most areas check glucose at 28 week bloods, but strangely they only do this in my area if you are deemed 'high risk' such as high BMI, diabetes in family, previous gestational diabetes. I know they didn't check this as the blood form only had FBC and antibodies on it. The only blood test I had before this was at 12 weeks.

I wondered is it normal for them not to want to test me when I'm on the big side for my dates? I'm just worried about my baby's health if they are missing gestational diabetes, as I know it can be asymptomatic.


MagpieCursedTea Thu 16-Jun-16 07:49:30

In your situation, I would ask the midwife if I could have the GTT. If it's something that's worrying you, then it's worth discussing with her.

MrsGlam Thu 16-Jun-16 09:16:18

Strange that they haven't tested you..I had 3 GTTs in my pregnancy and was positive at 34 weeks.
Like PP if you are worried ask to have one smile.

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