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Am I a very old first time mum?

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Pearlman Wed 15-Jun-16 19:29:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hopelass Wed 15-Jun-16 19:32:55

I would say these people are out of date. I turned 32 when DS was 4 weeks old. I'm 34 now 35 this year and haven't had any comments about my age. I think you've just been unlucky with those you've come across making those comments. Imagine what they'd say to Jennifer Aniston being pg for the first time at 47?! so I believe

lavenderdoilly Wed 15-Jun-16 19:33:29

Had my first at 41.

Lozde Wed 15-Jun-16 19:33:43

I've not widely announced yet so no chance for the comments but I'm the same age as you and this will be my first. Plenty of my friends have left it until their early 30's too so I don't see it as anything out of the ordinary X

Hopelass Wed 15-Jun-16 19:33:44

Sorry should have said I'm pregnant again at 34 nearly 35.

waceystills Wed 15-Jun-16 19:33:45

Good god no!

Wowser grin

I had my first at 39 and my second at 41. You're really not an old first time mum. It's possible you may have been considered an old first time mum 50 years ago though.

MrsDeVere Wed 15-Jun-16 19:34:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsEricBana Wed 15-Jun-16 19:34:34

No, I had ds at 32 and dd at 35 and all the mums of their school friends are same age as me.

Hopelass Wed 15-Jun-16 19:34:37

Oh and my step mum had her first and only (my half bro) at 42. It's just not a big deal any more.

Pearlman Wed 15-Jun-16 19:34:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MoreGilmoreGirls Wed 15-Jun-16 19:34:59

Er no, had my first at 39, pregnant with my second at 42.

CookieDoughKid Wed 15-Jun-16 19:35:14

I know a mum who had her first a 47!

livinglooney8 Wed 15-Jun-16 19:35:52

No No No you are not. Congratulations. Tell them to sod off! Maybe they're just very young mums and a bit threatened or confused?

Whatever age you have your baby is a great age because babies are wonderful whenever you have them!

Alicekeach Wed 15-Jun-16 19:36:00

I will be 41 by the time I have my first (and last!). One of my friends is pregnant for the first time at 46.

imip Wed 15-Jun-16 19:36:15

Ha ha - I had 5 children between the ages of 34 and 40. I told a friends mum when dd4 was born that I was keen for one more, she told me I was far too old shock

That egged me on further!!!

I am on the average older side of parents in my inner london area

PacificDogwod Wed 15-Jun-16 19:36:18

Yes, you are tragically oooooooold! grin

You're not, of course.
37 with first child, 44 with DS4 here grin

bakingcupcakes Wed 15-Jun-16 19:36:53

I was the first of my college group of 6 friends to have a baby. I was 30. I'm still the only one and we're all about 32 so I don't think you're an old Mum!

PortiaCastis Wed 15-Jun-16 19:36:54

I was an exception when I has dd at 18, most of the new Mums I saw were late twenties or thirties

apatheticfallacy Wed 15-Jun-16 19:37:58

I had my DS at 28 and have had no end of patronising "young mum" comments. I looked it up and 28 is exactly the average age to have your first child in the UK. whatever you do people will give you unsolicited opinions on it, it'll only get worse once the baby is here. Just smile and ignore.

apatheticfallacy Wed 15-Jun-16 19:38:27

Oh and congratulations!

IcyTeaAndScoopyScoopyDogDog Wed 15-Jun-16 19:38:42

I was 25 with my first and 34 with my second . I am the youngest mum at the playground in my sons school- they are all in their late 30-early 40s. I will fit right in when DD goes to school

2nds Wed 15-Jun-16 19:40:01

What makes them say that? I was 35 when I had my first. 1.5 years later I had my second.

WalkingZed Wed 15-Jun-16 19:40:02

I had my first at 33 and second at 35.

I'd love dc3 but I'd be 37/38 if it happened if I can get dh to agree

Salene Wed 15-Jun-16 19:41:09

I had my first at 34 now 36 and pregnant with second

DeathpunchDoris Wed 15-Jun-16 19:41:16

Tell them to wind their necks in. I was older than you in all 3 of my pregnancies - age is just a number. Enjoy every single moment

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