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In desperate need of advice

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troubledsoul12 Wed 15-Jun-16 14:11:01

Hi everyone
I am 14 weeks pregnant and just found out I have uti ( first time ever ) and its really making me Ill and unwell .
Went yesterday to dr and she prescribed nutrofurantoin because I am allergic on penicillin .
But , huge but , I have an 18 month old toddler who still brestfeeds . I am trying to stop but it's so much harder than I thought .
My dr said no brestfeeding but she said it more as a anyway he is big boy .
I still didn't take antibiotic because I really don't know what to do . I know I must take it but how I do it with my little angel?
I really don't know .
Also, I checked net and it says you can not take it if you are brestfeeding newborn other then that it ok . ( American pharmaceutical company and basically everyone else except uk)
Can anyone advice Me pls where can I get more info or alternatively tips how to stop brestfeeding so I can protect my unborn baby .
Also myself because I am really ill

troubledsoul12 Wed 15-Jun-16 14:11:30

Thank you so much for your time

limeandsoda93 Wed 15-Jun-16 14:41:06

Are you on Facebook? This is the page to go to for accurate information It's important to remember that most GPs and pharmacists aren't specifically trained in breastfeeding and have to go by advice that might be over cautious.

troubledsoul12 Wed 15-Jun-16 14:45:13

Thank you so much . I will check the website now . flowers

limeandsoda93 Wed 15-Jun-16 14:46:43

This is a screenshot from one of their antibiotic factsheets.

troubledsoul12 Wed 15-Jun-16 15:08:16

Thank you so so much . You really helped me . I did contact them and they did reply straight away .
I will start antiboitics now x with peace in my heart .
One more time thank you so much

KayTee87 Wed 15-Jun-16 17:54:56

Can your doctor not give you a different anti biotic? If you are breastfeeding they should only give you appropriate medication. It's not really up to your doctor to tell you to stop bf

troubledsoul12 Wed 15-Jun-16 23:42:55

She was limited between 2 because of my penicillin allergy .
I tried to give him milk in the bottle but it was impossible so I gave in x took two tablets x but saying that tomorrow I will persist because of my toddlers health x

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