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Maternity Clothes

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Samkate Tue 14-Jun-16 20:58:58

Hi all,
Has anyone come across any shops that stock maternity clothes (as opposed to just selling them on their website)?

I remember last time I was pregnant being hugely disappointed because I like to try clothes on before I buy.

Just looking for a heads up before I go trudging unsuccessfully around the shops with a 2 year old in tow who has little patience.

The only shop I remember was new look that had a tiny selection, and mothercare of course which is just way overpriced considering the short amount of time I'm going to wear them for!

I've got a feeling I'm gonna live in leggings and tops that are 2 sizes too big again!

mangocoveredlamb Tue 14-Jun-16 21:03:47

Some H&M stores have stuff in store. They also extend credit on online shopping so you can order stuff, try it on, sort your returns and then pay for what you keep. This is what I've resorted to to be honest.

Where abouts are you? That might help direct you to local shops!

smellsofelderberries Tue 14-Jun-16 21:12:06

I do bulk orders on Asos and then send back what I don't want. Much prefer trying things on at home. I think they have free shipping if you spend over £50. I usually order a size up and a size down just in case (also makes it easier to hit the free shipping limit!). Easy.

leoniethelioness Tue 14-Jun-16 21:15:40

Try Red Herring in Debenhams, Topshop, H&M and JoJo Maman Bebe

RedorBlack Wed 15-Jun-16 07:27:58

I tried and failed to buy in store this time around, so bought a job lot on eBay (figured if I was shopping on line anyway, may as well get it cheap). I got 35 items for £60 and whilst 5-10 aren't great on me, the rest has been perfect to see me through.

RoganJosh Wed 15-Jun-16 07:31:19

It depends on the store. Near us, one Next stocked it but the others didn't. M&s used to but then stopped. I think you need to phone and check.
Others that sometimes did (4 years ago)
New look
George (kept starting and stopping their range)
H and m as mentioned

DrWhy Wed 15-Jun-16 07:55:58

Beware, only some debenhams have it in store, some new look, some next. Then JoJo have part but not all of their online range except in 2 big flagship stores apparently. Our local H&M are good but don't know if that's every store either.
JoJo have been my most successful physical store. Gap online and H&M for the rest.

IrisPurple1 Wed 15-Jun-16 21:14:31

For me Jo Jo has been best. My nearest store isnt obe of the flagship ones but there was plenty to try. Once you try on a couple of things you know what size you are (I'd recommend trying on jeans in store tho). They don't stock the full range of colours in store but of you try it on you can order the colour you want. You can order in store too.

Also Seraphine in Leeds or London.

Good luck.

FriendlyCod Thu 16-Jun-16 12:35:48

I managed to find (very small) maternity sections in the following-

Red Herring in Debenhams
New Look (weirdly in a small town store but not in the large city centre store)

I only liked and have bought from New Look. You can do click and collect, pick up in store, try on and then return anything that doesn't fit there and then. I highly recommend their jeggings- cheap, comfy and a good fit!

Callmecordelia Thu 16-Jun-16 12:39:38

I did a load of orders to store in Bluewater, collected my orders and tried them on straight away. I then sent back everything that didn't fit right there and then. Is that an option?

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