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Boys Bits

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Summerblaze100 Tue 14-Jun-16 12:57:09

Just been for my 20 week scan. I didn't want to know the sex and told the sonographer this as with my 2 x DS's, I also didn't want to know but thought they 'flashed' me during the scan. Of course, this might have been a coincidence and I didn't see bits but they were boys anyway. I didnt see anything with my DD who was my first but it was all new the first time and I was probably a bit overwhelmed.

She told me when she was going into that area and me and DH looked away. However, later on in the scan I thought I saw bits. It wasn't a through the legs shot, it was looking at baby from the front (baby was looking right at us.

Can you even see bits from that angle as all the images from google that show boys bits do it by showing it looking through the legs.

I'm not bothered if its a boy or a girl this time, I just don't like to think the surprise has gone. DH didn't see anything but he's not the most observant.

rubberducker Tue 14-Jun-16 13:36:39

DH said he thought he could see boy bits at a scan with DC1 - sonographer pointed out he was looking at part of the umbilical cord. I think it's fairly common and unless you're looking at a potty shot then really you don't
know what you were looking at!

DesignedForLife Tue 14-Jun-16 13:40:01

It could well have been the umbilical cord from that angle. As you said, the look bottom up to see the gender. How high up did the "bits" go? If waste height it was umbillicus!

Summerblaze100 Wed 15-Jun-16 07:29:27

It was only as the midwife swooshed from the legs to the face while baby was facing. I couldn't tell how high it came as it was only a second. DH said they would have to have a big look at this stage to tell themselves and even then they sometimes get it wrong.

The only reason i still aren't sure is that at my scans with my other boys I saw something similar and they actually were boys but I could still have been looking at something else at their scans.

Oysterbabe Wed 15-Jun-16 08:05:05

I thought I saw boy bits at my scan. I had a girl blush

scaevola Wed 15-Jun-16 08:08:55

Unless you have a lot of experience with shades of grey, you're not going to be able to tell the sex whilst the sonographer is swooshing it around.

Confusion with the umbilical cord is a common error - one even made by trained staff sometimes.

It doesn't sound as if either of you saw anywhere near enough to make even a tentative prediction.

socktastic Wed 15-Jun-16 08:22:15

At 20 weeks what the sonographer pointed out as being boy bits really didn't look much like anything to us! They could have been anything!

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