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40 weeks. Emotional. Idiot husband rant

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Pagetta Mon 13-Jun-16 23:50:50

I'm due in 4 days. I'm feeling pretty anxious about the birth, about having 2 kids - generally just pretty emotional and also very emotional about my 3 yo and my relationship with him and how it will be affected by baby 2. Standard stuff I'd say?
Just had a bit of a melt down about it all at bed time and my DH has had a go at me telling me I'm being ridiculous and silly, and I'm being selfish crying when he's got to work in the morning and couldn't we have had this chat earlier.
Why why are men such idiots? He thinks I'm getting myself in an uneccesary stress about it all and that I should 'just calm down and be rational'. He can't fathom why I'm so upset and it's making him angry.
I can't fathom how I've held off punching him in the face.
How do I explain to an idiot man how the hell I'm feeling right now and that he is being a twat?

Emilyyyy Tue 14-Jun-16 00:12:50

Men are selfish and will never understand.

I half know where you are coming from... I miscarried last year and when I was trying to open up to my partner about how I felt about I he fell asleep not once but TWICE during me basically sobbing.

You know your not being selfish! And you have every right to be angry, when my boyfriend tells me to calm down even when I'm not pregnant makes me want to kick his head in nevermind when you are pregnant.

Try and talk to him again tomorrow and see if that helps.

Sorry I can't be more help, but that's my advice. Hope everything works outflowers

PickledLilly Thu 16-Jun-16 22:40:15

There's not a jury in the land with a woman on it that would convict you if you should you decide to bury him under the patio. Careful of the heavy lifting though, don't want to strain yourself...

whiteychappers Fri 17-Jun-16 14:17:19

PickledLilly that made me.chuckle. When a man is able to carry a baby and give birth, then they can comment on things, otherwise they need to give lots of sympathy, love and chocolate. Its hard work growing a human!

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