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Early pregnancy worries

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Jsh125 Mon 13-Jun-16 11:24:51


I'm currently between 7 & 8 weeks pregnant following an early miscarriage the previous cycle. I had some one sided pain & a tiny bit of spotting so was sent for an early scan last week.

All was good & baby had a heartbeat & measured 7.8mm so about 6+5, according to LMP I was 7+1 so no massive difference.

Went away feeling super pleased & much more relaxed however my symptoms now seem to be reducing (I had nausea but this has been gone since Friday) & now have brown discharge with a tiny bit of pink so having a total panic.

I phoned the EPAC who said it didn't sound like anything to worry about yet but if it gets worse to get back in touch & they'll see me.

Am so worried as we are so desperate to have a baby & hate the thought of it all going wrong & having to start again.

If anyone has any advice or experience I'd be really grateful to hear it smile

ListenToYourHeart Mon 13-Jun-16 11:48:16

No advice but currently pregnant with DC2 and just feel like I haven't stopped worrying!

I have my scan booked for the 23rd June and feel like it's a life time away.

Every little niggle is worrying me, scared to get excited and tell anyone incase we get bad news.

So just wanted to say you're not alone flowers

sparkleshine83 Mon 13-Jun-16 15:03:32

I had tinged discharge a few times in my first trimester and am now just about to enter my third. On of those times they did say that brown is more likely to be old blood and so implantation bleeding ie blood from where the placenta has 'bored in' so to speak. It could also be an irritable cervix especially if this happens after sex. Also nausea can come and go! Also also, seeing a heartbeat on a scan is a very optimistic sign even that early. I wish you luck and hope it turns out well for you.

Whatsername17 Mon 13-Jun-16 15:57:20

As previous posters have said, it might not be anything to worry about. That won't stop you worrying though. Try and take one day at a time and use your midwife if you need to.

Jsh125 Mon 13-Jun-16 16:27:11

Thanks so much for your replies, i really appreciate it. I don't have a midwife yet as not got my first appointment for another 2 weeks which is not helping as you don't really quite know who to contact, if I hadn't happened to have an appointment with EPAC already I would never have rung them as wouldn't know they exist but my GP is male with no pregnancy type experience or qualifications (obviously that's not a problem as he's not obliged to but just doesn't help in my case!).

Am definitely scared to tell people until we have had another scan, ultimately that's all that will calm my fears as its definitive!!

Think your right, a day at a time & if it's meant to be it will be, just wish you could see into the future!!

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