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I feel awful for saying this but I'm hating being pregnant

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Ellarose85 Mon 13-Jun-16 07:58:37

I'm 34 weeks with baby number 2 and have a very active 1 year old to look after so rest is a luxury that doesn't happen often.

I ache all over, my skin on my tummy literally feels like I'm about to rip, I have the worst acid reflux to the point where I'm not eating as when I do I'm sick and to top it off I have terrible thrush that has comes and goes, nothing seems to help.

It took me all my effort not to scream at my midwife when she suggested milk for the acid reflux and natural yoghurt for the thrush - I have tried everything!

Is it normal to feel so utterly crap and negative? I don't remember feeling like this with DS even though I had the same issues during my pregnancy with him.

My poor DH is treading on eggshells around me as I'm not pleasant to be around at the minute!

SewSlapdash Mon 13-Jun-16 08:00:29

Yup. I have had two easy pregnancies (so far, I'm 27 weeks with dc2) and I loathe being pregnant.

NapQueen Mon 13-Jun-16 08:01:25

Pregnant and another kid is Actual Hell on Earth. I hated it. And mine was almost 3 so a lot more independent.

The fact that you can't go off and rest/sleep/bathe whenever you want to try and relieve the discomfort is a big problem; of course last time there was just you to worry about.

No way on earth am I having any more kids and the pregnancy with a kid was what spun it for me

If it's any consilation; once the baby is here yeah it'll be hard but it'll be miles and miles easier than this.

Ellarose85 Mon 13-Jun-16 08:02:10

I have told DH that if I ever show any signs of being broody in the future, we are getting a puppy.

I don't think I could go through this again for my sanitys sake!

Nothing wrong with that at all. Presumably you're doing this because you want to have a baby/child - if you were doing it out of the love of pregnancy that would be weird. Sounds like these 9 months are a necessary evil to get what you want - especially now you're doing it with a toddler and can't put your feet up.

cosmicglittergirl Mon 13-Jun-16 08:03:32

I hated being pregnant and like pp said, it's worse with another child. I ve always been amazed when people say they enjoy it or are really active. Amazed and envious.
flowers Hope you feel better soon.

Ellarose85 Mon 13-Jun-16 08:05:22

Thank you for the reassuring comments, I was starting to feel like a terrible person for complaint like I have been doing.

I really enjoyed my pregnancy with DS and was active up until the day I went into labour, I very naively thought pregnancy number 2 would be the same!

BikeRunSki Mon 13-Jun-16 08:05:23

I hated being pregnant both times. Hyperemisis didn't help, but even when that subsided i hated being pregnant. Fortunately my DC both had the good grace to be a bit early, but not scarily so.

Lisad1975 Mon 13-Jun-16 08:05:30

Can totally sympathise . Some people love it and some not!!
Its bloody hard with a toddler too. I am 20 weeks with 20 month old and cant wait for the end ! Have had lots of niggly things too but then my doc said its cos on the go all the time.
Go to your gp to get something for reflux - omeprozole is v good and made me feel so human ! Midwife wont give u anything !
If I could skip 9 months I would happily !

icklekid Mon 13-Jun-16 08:05:33

Don't feel bad I hate being pregnant too. I'm 28 weeks suffered from hypermesis so in hospital several times this pregnancy from dehydration. I have a 2 year old to run around after so know the frustration of not being able to do what you want to be able to do! Go to your gp if you haven't already to get medication for your reflux and hopefully that will help. There are several ladies on hg thread with reflux who are on medication if it reassures you or you want futher advice!

amysmummy12345 Mon 13-Jun-16 08:06:02

Omeprazole is amazing for heartburn

MyBreadIsEggy Mon 13-Jun-16 08:07:24

Don't fell bad for saying it....I hate being pregnant with a passion. Labour and childbirth are the easy bits for me!
I am also pregnant with number 2, and have a crazy 13 month old to chase after, who insists on climbing all over me, launching all her weight into my already uncomfortable stomach, kicking me in the gut while I'm trying to put her down to sleep etc. I had monster morning sickness, acne and fatigue in the first trimester, which has definitely got loads better now I'm at the halfway point, thank god!!
I think some women just "suit" pregnancy and others don't. My cousin has five DC, and in every pregnancy, she has floated around the place, like some ethereal, earth mother goddess, while I'm sat here like a sallow tellytubbie sad

JacketPoTayTo Mon 13-Jun-16 08:14:03

Don't feel awful. You're absolutely entitled to talk about how you're feeling. It doesn't mean that you're not happy to be having the baby or any other bullshit that people say. At the end of the day there will always be someone worse off than you but it doesn't mean that you have to ignore your own struggles all the time.

If it's any consolation I have hated every second of my pregnancy. It's almost over now (41 weeks and counting!) and it's been fairly straightforward with just a few issues (sickness for first few months, SPD for last 5 months and some lovely bouts of piles and thrush throughout) but nonetheless I have hated the whole thing. It's intrusive and I feel that my body is not my own. I'm weepy and emotional. Everything is hard work, even tying my shoelaces. Rolling over in bed is excruciating and takes several minutes, during which time I usually manage to wake my husband so he's getting sleep deprived too. Add another child into the mix and im not surprised you have had enough.

Sorry, got carried away there!

I suppose what I'm saying is that it's perfectly OK to feel negative because some horrible things are happening to your body for the best part of a year - that's a really long time! It doesn't mean that you aren't happy to be a mum or that you don't realise how lucky you are. flowers just remember that it will pass!

cosmicglittergirl Mon 13-Jun-16 08:14:57

Sallow telebubby, ha! That describes me when pregnant. I want a third but as I find being pregnant such a drain I'm waiting until my two are a bit older (15 months and two and a half), as I think (know) it would finish me off. I get gestational diabetes and excess fluid so I actually can hardly move towards the end and begging for an induction. No love for pregnancy here.

Tatiana11235 Mon 13-Jun-16 08:17:43

I'm with you OP. I hated being pregnant. This whole feeling and looking like a whale, limited mobility, heartburn is just arrrgh!
There's nothing wrong with not enjoying it, don't feel bad flowers

Ellarose85 Mon 13-Jun-16 08:27:40

mybread I'm hearing you, my DS thinks I am a trampoline he's not far wrong given the size of me which isn't helping things but he is too young to understand that there is a baby in mummy's tummy!

jacket ahh the piles, I had almost forgot I had them too... Pregnancy is a delight!

I'm counting down the minutes until nap time so I can have a soak in the bath which I hopefully won't get stuck in!

JacketPoTayTo Mon 13-Jun-16 08:36:53

Haha that's another thing. You can't just go for a bath can you? It's like arranging a mountain trek. You have to tell somebody where you are going and how long you expect to be, keep your phone within reach so that you can be rescued in the event that you manage to completely wedge yourself in place or your hips pack in and you just can't stand up.

seven201 Mon 13-Jun-16 08:39:56

I hate being pregnant. I won't get into all of my moans/problems but they are many! This is my first pregnancy and I honestly don't know if I can do it again - I do want more than one child though. It's miserable!

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut Mon 13-Jun-16 09:04:55

I'm with you. I hate it. This is my first pregnancy (I'm 38 weeks today) and I have not enjoyed it at all. I've had a comparatively OK pregnancy really. I had some cervical shortening issues which thankfully turned out not to be as serious as they at first appeared, and gestational diabetes. So not nothing, but compared to what many women go through a walk in the park. But I've found the whole thing, uncomfortable and stressful. I have no intention of doing it again.

bessie84 Mon 13-Jun-16 09:10:37

im with you. never again!!!

TheCrumpettyTree Mon 13-Jun-16 10:06:30

Have you tried omeprazole for the reflux? I had it in both pregnancies and it was a life saver.

Ellarose85 Mon 13-Jun-16 10:41:54

I had it in my previous pregnancy and found it a massive help, my midwife seems reluctant to get my GP to prescribe it though. I will call the surgery this afternoon and pester them until they do though

thatorchidmoment Mon 13-Jun-16 11:19:22

Ranitidine can be bought OTC and you can safely take 150mg (2 tablets), which is a very effective treatment for heartburn. That's what helped me sleep at night in all 3 of my pregnancies. Also, sod that canesten cream: it's rubbish. Tell your GP you have troublesome thrush and could you please have several pessaries for rescue treatment, as they are v expensive OTC and pharmacists refuse to dispense them when you are pregnant. I did this in my last pregnancy as I also had recurrent thrush and it was a godsend. Iirc, surgery asked me to do a swab so they could check my thrush wasn't resistant, so they might want that.
(ps: I'm a doctor, if that helps)

flowers cake chocolate (once you have had your ranitidine!)

Salene Mon 13-Jun-16 11:22:12

33 weeks here with a 20 month old and on own a lot as hubby away working

Currently got a chest infection , and full of cold , bad SPD so can hardly waddle abou , reflux that makes me feel like I drink bleach all day

A toddler who never sleeps. Hate being pregnant , hated first pregnacy this one is worse
I'd give birth ten times over than endure 9 months of what feels like torture.

Idontknowwhoiam Mon 13-Jun-16 11:23:12

Pregnancy sucks big time! I hated being pregnant and it's worse when you can't just rest because another little person is demanding your attention!
Hope the next few weeks go quickly for you x

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