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miscarriage treatment advice

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user1465767628 Sun 12-Jun-16 23:09:09

I didn't know where to post this and didn't want to post on pregnancy as last thing you want to read about when you're pregnant is miscarriage. So really sorry, people. I posted this on infertility- though didn't really think it fitted there either

I had a missed miscarriage or anembryonic/blighted ovum- hospital cant confirm which.
After a bit of brown spotting I had a scan at 9 weeks- gest sac measured 6.6 weeks and no yolk sac plus embryo inconclusive
Result= inconclusive and I was sent home to wait with another scan scheduled for a week as regulations mean they cannot say I was miscarrying- although I knew at this point I was.
Week later- still 'products' left although I had passed the sac. I sad I wanted another week to see if it would pass naturally- it didn't.
So I went for medical management- took this on Friday morning and nothing but horrendous cramps and a tny bit of very light brown discharge.
I'm still in pain now- but nothing is happening.
Its been three weeks now since I first started spotting- I just want it out sad
Any ideas how long I will have to wait before am allowed the op? I could have done this but I wanted to try less invasive option first.

Many Thanks

Eastend2015 Mon 13-Jun-16 00:12:28

So sorry for your loss user. I had an MMC last year and after waiting 3 weeks for a natural miscarriage I had an ERPC which took about 10-15 mins and was more uncomfortable than painful, DH was even allowed in to hold my hand. I imagine how long you have to wait after trying the medical option will vary depending on your hospital so maybe chat to them but the miscarriage association are also very helpful xx

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