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Twin worries

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Chloe09 Sun 12-Jun-16 22:15:33

Got my BFP this week (grin), but it's just suddenly dawned on me....what if there's more than one??!
My OH is a twin, my brother has had 2 sets of natural twins, been having symptoms really early, tested positive at least 3days before my period was due, suffering with all day queasiness, really sore boobs & constantly exhausted! I didn't have any symptoms with my daughter (except the tiredness), and I know that they at every pregnancy is different but...
What if the twin he has carried on the twin thing?! Has anyone else been worried about this? Or anyone expecting twins, did you find your symptoms exaggerated? confused

thecatsarecrazy Sun 12-Jun-16 23:22:31

Twins come from mums side I believe

rubyfeet Sun 12-Jun-16 23:30:41

Symptoms will be exaggerated, but why worry?

You would have two for the price of one smile

44PumpLane Sun 12-Jun-16 23:31:49

Twins come from the maternal side and are still fairly rare- if you're late 30's onwards it becomes more common.

I'm 12+3 with twin but my maternal grandmother had 2 sets so if they are fraternal that's where the come from.

However my mothers side of the family includes at least 4 siblings who have had multiple kids and those kids have in some cases had kids and none of them had twins.

Oh and first pregnancy so no idea if my symptoms are heightened- morning session fines lasted only 4 weeks thankfully and massive boobs but so far that's it.

44PumpLane Sun 12-Jun-16 23:33:00

Session fines = sickness!!!

rubyfeet Sun 12-Jun-16 23:33:14

Non identical twins run in families, but identical ones don't- these happen by chance apparently

princesspineapple Mon 13-Jun-16 06:19:47

We have twins all over both sides of the family (7 sets in 3 generations). I had really intense symptoms and was massive from about week 5, so everyone (including the midwife) was convinced I was having twins.
At the 12 week scan we were so surprised that there was only one baby on the screen that DP asked the sonographer to check again!
I'm sure you'll be delighted either way, I would have loved twins but now DD is here I can't imagine two of her! grin

B1rdinthebush Mon 13-Jun-16 06:41:22

I had awful sickness from about 5-13 weeks with my twins and actually had to stop work at 8 weeks as I just couldn't function. They don't run in my family at all though so I never even really considered that I'd have multiples. I cried at my 12 week scan when they told me confused To be fair, this was mainly because I had been so anxious that I was just relieved that everything was OK but also because of the shock of it all. I now have two lovely 7 month old girls and wouldn't change it for the world.

If you are curious, you could always book in for an early scan at a private clinic? The Fetal Medicine Centre in London (I'm not sure where you're based) would be my recommendation if you did want to.

Chloe09 Mon 13-Jun-16 07:11:37

My OH is a naturally conceived non identical twin himself (with no family history of others), and my brother and his gf have had two sets of naturally conceived non identical boys (she has no twins on her side of the family). The only twins on my side of the family is my grandad (who was one), but he never had any nor did any of his 6 kids or my cousins...just my brother!
After the shock I would be excited about it, just worried about logistics and financially I guess!
Thanks for the advice I might book in for an early scan to put my mind at ease a bit!

RaeSkywalker Mon 13-Jun-16 07:16:26

I had HG from 5 weeks, there are twins on my Mum's side of the family. I had an early scan at 7 weeks because the consultant thought it might be a multiple pregnancy. Nope, just one in there!

AnnaMarlowe Mon 13-Jun-16 07:22:57

Non identical twins tend to run down the maternal side because it obviously requires the woman to produce two eggs that month rather than one.

However the older you get and the more children you have does seem to increase the likelihood.

I'd twins occur spontaneously when a fertilised egg splits to create two foetuses.

Twin pregnancies can be characterised by increased morning sickness and fatigue but I've know a fair number of twin Mum's with neither symptom.

However there is no harm going for an early scan if you can arrange it - if it is twins you'll need a prescription for a much higher level of folic acid. It also seems fairly common to get an iron supplement.

eurochick Mon 13-Jun-16 07:22:59

It's the mother's side that is relevant for non-identical twins, so your OH's family and your brother's girlfriend are not relevant to your chances of having twins. It's about whether you have a genetic disposition to ovulate more than one egg at a time. Identical twins is a splitting of a single embryo and can happen to anyone.

KP86 Mon 13-Jun-16 07:54:32

If you are concerned/convinced you can buy twin insurance which will give you a lump sum pay out if you do happen to be carrying them. You just need the policy before your first scan.

Google will help find insurers.

AnotherOddSock Mon 13-Jun-16 07:57:59

I had a twin pregnancy last year. They were identical twins and sadly I lost them due to complications (it's a high risk pregnancy). I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with a singleton pregnancy. The two pregnancies have been very different, and this second pregnancy has made me feel far more ill than the first pregnancy. First one was easy (at least for the first 5 months), but this pregnancy has really made me feel terrible. Morning sickness, very tender breasts, hay fever worse, tiredness, lethargy, irritable, mood swings etc. So your symptoms really aren't an indicator of twins necessarily. Relax.

mellysam Mon 13-Jun-16 15:30:19

Hello, just wanted to say you won't necessarily get worse symptoms with twins. I am currently pregnant with boy girl twins (no family history of twins) but apart from feeling very bloated early on before my booking appointment and normal jeans not fitting I have had very few symptoms. Only tiredness in the first trimester, no sickness, and now at 27 weeks I have very fat ankles from water retention.
We were very shocked at our 12 week scan but wouldn't have it any other way now, best of luck!

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