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anyone really struggling in first trimester?

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rodneydel Sun 12-Jun-16 14:50:25

With my dd I had 'bearable' nausea and sickness and never really struggled at work etc.

I am now 5 years older and this is my second pregnancy. I feel totally consumed by the nausea and sickness. It's like I'm constantly hungover.

I work part-time (3 full days) and I am nearly in tears before I go to work each day because it is such a struggle to do a full days work. I'm also not much of a 'barrel of laughs' and feel quite withdrawn from life - hence why I feel consumed.

I'm not really looking after myself diet-wise because I have no enthusiasm to cook. I do not live with my new partner so I only have 'support' in person a couple of times a week.

Please tell me I'm not alone?

Ellie06 Sun 12-Jun-16 16:17:38

I'm working full time as a secondary school teacher and am definitely finding it a challenge.

I am only really getting nausea in the evenings but I am so exhausted I'm struggling to function at school. The kids have noticed that my patience is minimal and I'm snapping at the smallest thing. Feel really bad for them. No one at school knows im pregnant yet, so it is also really hard to hide from everyone.

I am finding I can't eat enough because of feeling sick in the evenings which is making the tiredness worse, and it is also making me really dizzy.

I'm also constantly worried that something will go wrong. Have to say I'm really not enjoying pregnancy so far confused

bumbleclat Sun 12-Jun-16 19:11:52

Im hating it too, you aren't alone.

The nausea has been unbearable and my whole weekends have been ruined by permanently feeling (or being) sick.

Im usually healthy and energetic but as it stands haven't eaten a vegetable for months and haven't seen friends for months either.

It is really hard but at least we know that however shit we feel it is definitely temporary.

Promethazine tablets prescribed by my dr and constant toast eating ave helped a bit.

PhloppysFonics Mon 13-Jun-16 07:52:47

I found this time around really tough. The constant nausea is so wearing. I'm 17 weeks now and slowly emerging from the crapness of the first trimester. It does get better. Don't worry about eating whatever you need to at this stage, when you feel better you can think about eating more salad!

Kariana Mon 13-Jun-16 08:12:39

I was like this too. I didn't touch a vegetable or fruit, except grapes, for weeks either. Felt awful, nauseous and exhausted for weeks on end, everyday was like torture. It finally passed though and now I feel fine. The relief came around 14 weeks for me so hang on in there! Hope you feel better soon.

Alicekeach Mon 13-Jun-16 08:16:20

11 weeks here and feeling constantly nauseous. Feel like all enjoyment has been sucked out of life and all I want to do is lie down all day. Getting through each day at work is a nightmare and I spend the weekends recovering from that, rather than enjoying myself.

Rose1989 Mon 13-Jun-16 08:24:29

I'm 10 weeks tomorrow! grin
This is litterally the best thing thats happened to me and my fiance.
I don't suffer with full on sickness, i havent been sick yet! ... yet haha.
Although i do feel sick slightly sometimes. My legs like to swell up and feet love to ache on me all the time.
I already have a tiny bump which is nice!
The worst thing though is the aweful [period like] pains i get all across my stomach which the midwife said is normal for growing pains, this is bareable in the day although it hurts me i just get on with my day to day life but the worst is its woken me up in the night around 2am every night for the last few weeks! crazy or what?! Can't wait for the pains to end for a while!

rodneydel Mon 13-Jun-16 18:26:37

Sorry you are all feeling it, I'm glad I not alone.

I find that if I get in the right attitude and kind of mentally'man up' I can kind of do stuff, but those moments are few and far between.

I've become snappy and pretty vile to my boyf too. He's one of the only ones in real life who knows about the pregnancy that I can open up to.

I've also been given nausea pills and whilst the doctor and pharmacist reassured me I was ok to take them, my previous history of miscarriages is making me too scared too, which I know is probably foolish.

I have my booking in appointment this week hopefully she'll help

LBNM19 Mon 13-Jun-16 19:05:55

I'm 9 weeks and feel totally awful. I am either feeling sick or being sick. Always tired and haven't been cooking either. I was hoping to follow sliming world whist pregnant but feeling so unwell.

Hope you start feeling better soon. X

Macauley Mon 13-Jun-16 19:21:12

I'm 8 weeks and feel like I'm just surviving through the day to get home and collapse. I feel exactly how you feel with the constant hangover feeling, it sucks!

BalancingStick Mon 13-Jun-16 20:52:46

I feel horrendous - all day and all night. I'm 13 weeks and I just want it to stop now. I was also prescribed anti-sickness meds but a previous miscarriage means I'm too worried to take them. I already have a DS and i didn't feel anywhere near as bad when I was pregnant with him. I'm suffering in silence at work - I only work three days but they are long and painful and then my days at home are spent laying down somewhere, trying to entertain a 11 month old without moving... I cry a lot too!

MotherofPearl Mon 13-Jun-16 20:59:59

Rodney, sorry to hear you're suffering but please know you're not alone. I'd really recommend that you join the hyperemesis support thread on here, run by the wonderful LucindaE. The thread has been running for years and saw me through 2 HG pregnancies. You don't have to have been diagnosed with HG to join - any level of pregnancy sickness is miserable, and the women on there really understand and can offer loads of amazing support and advice. Hope you feel better soon.

chicken2015 Mon 13-Jun-16 23:20:51

I'm 5 weeks, and struggling , I'm worried the pain is not that bad and I'm thinking it's worse, as I'm such a wimp! Like period pains that keep coming and going , I hate feeling sick normally , I know I should be happy but also worried as don't want to get too excited as quite early still!

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