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Anyone had a successful pregnancy after late miscarriage(s) due to Factor V Leiden?

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Lizzie86xx Sun 12-Jun-16 14:07:35

Hi, I have had two miscarriages in the last year, one at 21 weeks and one at 14 weeks. I had all the tests done at the recurrent miscarriage clinic and was found to have factor v leiden which is a blood clotting disorder. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and on daily clexane and aspirin to try to prevent clots forming but am a nervous wreck! Has anyone had a similar experience and gone on to have successful pregnancy?

choccoffeegeek Sun 12-Jun-16 15:35:25

Sorry to hear about your losses. I have the same disorder but did not miscarry. I was told to take folic acid throughout my pregnancy as that apparently helps. Not sure if that's still current advice... After a couple of stressful pregnancies I have 2 healthy children smile. Good luck!

Lizzie86xx Mon 13-Jun-16 10:02:08

Thank you ☺. I am taking pregnancy multivitamins which contain folic acid but no vitamin k because that can make the clotting worse. I do have two children already, aged 7 and 5, with which I had (relatively) normal pregnancies. So I know it is possible to have a successful outcome with fvl but the last year has been awful. Dont know why it is causing me trouble now. Were you on clexane and aspirin choccoffeegeek? I was just wondering if they helped anyone as the doctor said there isn't really much evidence that it will?
Think I am just going to be anxious the whole time 😦.

Seekingmiracles Mon 13-Jun-16 10:44:51

Sorry for your losses in sad having had 4 miscarriages I know exactly how scary a subsequent pregnancy can be.
We're you on treatment with the last two pregnancies? Treatment is generally very effective.
I have a friend who has FVL - had two miscarriages at 14 & 16 weeks before diagnosis, she now has a healthy nearly 2 year old and another due beginning of July.
I myself have a different thrombophilia and am on fragmin and aspirin. Currently 22 weeks.
Wishing you lots of luck, I'm sure this time will be different. Stay positive

choccoffeegeek Mon 13-Jun-16 20:54:56

Poor you... It can be so stressful. I was on 75mg aspirin daily and folic acid (I'm afraid I can't remember the dose). It was a higher dose than normal I think though. I had clexane injections twice daily from about 36 weeks and for 6 weeks after. The advice changed between my pregnancies but it sounds like you're doing all the right thingssmilesmile. Are they keeping a closer eye on you with more checks? I don't know what all the evidence is about clexane but from a non- medical point of view it sounds like you're doing everything you can. Try to think positive if you can - I'll be sending you positive vibes too!

Lizzie86xx Tue 14-Jun-16 18:07:42

Sorry for your losses too seekingmiracles . I wasn't on treatment for my previous pregnancies as I only found out I have fvl recently through the recurrent miscarriage clinic. I have had three miscarriages all together, one early and two late. There was some bleeding when pregnant with my two children but nowhere near to the extent of the last two pregnancies.

Yes I am to see the consultant regularly throughout and they will do extra growth scans. Although they would have done that anyway because I am high risk for everything and my son was massive (10lb 11 shock).

Thank you for the positive vibes smilesmilesmile. I am glad to hear of happy outcomes. Just need to try and relax a bit.

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