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Fanjo on FIRE 🔥 after sex.

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gaggiagirl Sun 12-Jun-16 13:31:25

I'm 16w with DC3.
Every time me and dp have sex I get a burning, slightly itchy sensation. It lasts for about 12 hours after intercourse.
Ive also noticed a few spots of blood or a very pink tinge when wiping afterwards.
Do we need to stop or have less regular sex?

LazyJournalistsQuoteMN Sun 12-Jun-16 13:35:46

I would consult your mw or GP

Whatsername17 Sun 12-Jun-16 13:39:44

Definitely consult me or gp. Could be thrush but you will need a diagnosis!

gaggiagirl Sun 12-Jun-16 13:46:41

Thank you for the replies. I have a tube of thrush cream in the house but Im not clear what the advice is on using it in pregnancy.
I'm seeing the mw on Tuesday so I will ask.

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