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Pain in ribs, back and shoulder

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socktastic Sat 11-Jun-16 22:40:38

37 weeks and this happened overnight last night and again this evening. Got a wheat pack on it just now which is helping slightly and taken a couple of paracetamol which I'm waiting on kicking in.
It's only on the right hand side. Wondering if anyone has any experience/hints/tips?

hugoagogo Sat 11-Jun-16 22:42:17

Hmm my first thought is gallstones

socktastic Sat 11-Jun-16 22:56:20

Should have said, I had my gallbladder out last year. That was the worst pain ever. I'd also wondered about heartburn without the actual heartburny bit? I'm on high strength ranitidine so not getting tummy pains but could if be manifesting in another way?

shelbTa Sun 12-Jun-16 08:31:59

I have it on the left side, 29 weeks, had it since about 20 weeks. GP said its just sore ribs as its on my left (ie no questionable organs over there) but you should prob mention it to your GP.

It's a total pain in the arse and I sympathise! It's been my worst pregnancy symptom.


VeryNaice Sun 12-Jun-16 08:38:40

Upper right hand pain under the rib cage radiating to the shoulder and back area is often a symptom of gallstones. It's worth getting this checked out although it's unlikely they will be able to do anything until after your baby is born.

The hormones from pregnancy can exacerbate gallstone formation and flare ups of biliary colic. I had terrible gallbladder problems during pregnancy and have recently had my gallbladder removed.

It's a very long waiting list for the op so worth getting a diagnosis now (if that is what is causing this pain) that way you can be assessed and reviewed for surgery and avoid a potentially longer wait. I waited over 18 months it was hell.

Ask to see you GP tomorrow and tell him/her you are having right upper abdominal pain which is radiating to the back. Don't let them fob you off with heartburn medication. Heartburn presents completely differently.

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